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This week, a brand-new platform for 3D designing and printing has launched across Japan, called 'Rinkak 3D Print Cloud for Business.' Designed by the Japanese 3D printing company Kabuku, it seeks to be the 'business' version of their private-consumer oriented Rinkak 3D printing marketplace.

The Rinkak marketplace for private-consumers was launched in 2013, and a few months ago we reported that mother company Kabuku was implementing an investment injection in it. In many ways, the consumer-oriented Rinkak seems to operate as the Japanese version of Shapeways. Designers can register and upload their 3D models to its cloud, upon which Rinkak's printing service will realize the product and sell it through its marketplace.

However, the business-oriented cloud will operate a little differently. It allows users to integrate apps or web services with Kabuku's 3D printing features. Through this integration, companies specializing in 3D computer graphics and CAD can now also offer 3D printing services. This means that fans of 3D games or apps can order printed figures of their favorite characters immediately through integrated applications.

Notable examples include the popular Infinity Blade III, which will provide player the option of ordering 3D printed figures of main characters. Similarly, the hugely popular Taiwanese app 3D Pipo will also be offering Kabuku services. This app develops 3D renderings of people based on photographs, and will in thus also be offering users the option of ordering a 3D print immediately.

Japanese technology website The Bridge has reported that Kabuku is seeking to strengthen partnerships with game developers, social app providers and similar companies specializing in CAD data a 3D graphics, through this cloud. Through these integrations, Kabuku seeks to greatly expand its market outside the regular 3D printing community.

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