Oct. 2, 2014

For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, presented in Paris yesterday, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen unveiled 3D-printed garments and accessories "grown" that explores the interplay of magnetic forces.

Her inspiration of this collection came after she visited CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and home to the Large Hadron Collider (a magnetic field exceeding that of earth by 20,000 times).

"I find beauty in the continual shaping of chaos, which clearly embodies the primordial power of nature's performance," said Van Herpen, describing her Magnetic Motion collection.

Iris van Herpen collaborated with Canadian architect Philip Beesley and Dutch artist Jolan Van der Wiel to bring this conceptual creations to life. Beesley is a pioneer in creating 'living' sculptures that combine advanced computing, synthetic biology, and mechatronics engineering. Van der Wiel is an artist and craftsman who worked with Van Herpen and designed magnetic dresses last year.

The collection include dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts and blouses, created using intricate architectural handwork, 3D printing, laser cutting and injection moulding to add layering and volume to the pieces. The controlled structure of the clothes, shoes, belts, necklaces and clutches were a highlight - they are printed in metal-infused materials and the shape can be manipulated with magnets, making sure no two are the same.

A 3D-printed transparent dress covered in crystalline formations was created in collaboration with architect Niccolo Casas.

Light and shadow are used to form the garments, and a minimal colour palette of black, white, midnight blue and nude was used to highlight the structure of the garments. van Herpen's design incorporates her fascination with the digital technologies, same as her other creations, she strives to push the boundaries between nature and technology.

van Herpen's collection were presented in Paris fashion week yesterday.

Images credit: Iris van Herpen

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