Oct. 9, 2014

Keen Software House a.s., developer and publisher of Space Engineers game, has partnered with BinaryNow, Inc., and FORGE 3D Printing Studio to launch "Space Engineers Prints" service that allows Space Engineers players to order full color plastic 3D models of space ships they have designed in the game.

Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, constructing, and maintaining creations in space. Players can build and pilot space ships, construct massive space stations, and mine asteroids for raw materials utilizing a realistic volumetric-based physics engine. All objects can be assembled, disassembled, repaired, damaged, and destroyed in this space-based free roam game.

"We use a photo realistic full-color plastic 3D printer to bring space ship models out of a virtual game into the real world," said Premysl Pech, CEO and Founder of BinaryNow, Inc. "We are turning the actual space ships or other objects that gamers created into something that is physical and touchable to encourage gamer's creativity."

The company uses the full color plastic printer Projet 4500 from 3D Systems to print out their models. Its resolution of 600 x 600 DPI allows a minimum feature size of 0.004 in.

Space Engineers Prints 3D printing service will be available here to the public today, October 6, 2014. A full color, plastic 3D print of Small Ship with rough and grainy feel will cost $80. Users need to run Space Engineer game in a creative mode and upload the ship file to the site.

Initially, this service will be available as beta only to players in USA and will support 3d printing only for small ships. Later this year, option for large ships and other objects will be added to offer and territory will expand to Canada and other locations.

"Apart from implementing new features and developing Space Engineers, we have also been considering of other ways that can satisfy our players, and the option of 3D printing their creations is something that we had in our mind for a long time now" said Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder of Keen Software House. "It will make us happy to think a nice 3D-printed spaceship created in Space Engineers is decorating somebody's room".

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PeteC wrote at 10/26/2014 3:28:21 AM:

More sizes and lower pricing for Space Engineers Prints announced. 4 inch size is $59, now. http://www.spaceengineersprints.com/collections/frontpage

alidan wrote at 10/13/2014 5:00:43 AM:

this is something that all lego games need. a way to convert the crap you make to a printable object.

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