Oct. 16, 2014

Atlanta Hobby, one of the fastest growing hobby specialty shops and supplier of small-scale aerial photography equipment, launched the Vortex, one of the world's most advanced hexacopters this week.

The Vortex is designed and built through a partnership with MN Aerospace. The Vortex can fly for 25+ minutes with a 3-axis stabilized GoPro camera, the longest flight time in its class.

This aerial filming platform features a powerful, and highly efficient DJI E600 series propulsion system and 3D printed airframe. The flight-ready airframe is up to 70% stronger than most other airframes and is produced on a $1 million aerospace-grade 3D printer. The airframe is tough and lightweight (2.9 Pounds), built using ASTM testing methods with a flexural tensile strength of over 8700 PSI and flexural modulus strength of over 290,000 PSI. This gives the Vortex flight durations of over 25 minutes with a 6S 16000 mAh battery, significantly longer than other production hexacopters.

The 3D printing technology allows Vortex to offer a unique color customization system so each part can be constructed in several different colors for a wide array of design options, allowing professionals and hobbyists alike the opportunity to design a drone that fits their needs. You may choose from a preset color combination or order parts to make your own combination. Standard colors include black, gray, red, blue, and white.

According to the company, the Vortex is also capable of mounting FLIR thermal imagers and is fully compatible with the DJI Lightbridge high-definition video downlink system and Ground Station waypoint-based autonomous flight system, making it a complete solution for most commercial or law enforcement / first responder applications. "The Vortex is clearly the most advanced small multi-rotor UAV on the market today," Atlanta Hobby president Cliff Whitney stated.

The new Vortex multi-rotor UAV is priced at $3,949.99.

This complete Vortex combo package includes the following:
- Complete Vortex airframe (in any standard color combination...select your color above)
- DJI E600 motor package (6 motors, 6 ESC's, 6 props)
- DJI Naza V2 Autopilot with GPS
- Spektrum DX8 transmitter
- Spektrum AR8000 receiver
- High Sierra 6-cell 16,000mAh battery
- DJI H3-3D 3-axis stabilized gimbal
- AVL 58 video downlink transmitter
- 7-inch 32 Chanel Dual Diversity monitor with built-in battery
- Long-range cloverleaf antennas
- FPV Bracket to mount monitor on transmitter
- Complete red and green light package
- Fully built and test flown by Atlanta Hobby's top-notch UAV Tech Team!

Needed to complete:
- Battery Charger
- GoPro Hero 3 or 4


Thanks to Kelly for the tip!

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Professional Photographer wrote at 3/3/2015 1:19:46 PM:

Attach the Colibri from www.nextvision-sys.com to the Vortex and find out that 25 minutes are not long enough, and you keep looking for more...

robomaniac wrote at 11/19/2014 2:59:14 AM:

Your funny Stefan! The normal DIY quad fly for 8-12minutes. The commercial DJI Phantom fly 16min with gimbal and 25min without. The vortex fly 25min+ with a gimbal! Now that is interesting! BTW, if you never flown a quad, you get bored flying for 25minutes!

how_eee wrote at 10/20/2014 4:12:25 AM:

Where is revolution here? Usual design.

Stefan wrote at 10/16/2014 2:10:05 PM:

I don't know... What good does all the tech do if this thing can fly only for 25 minutes?

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