Oct. 17, 2014

Professional special FX makeup artist Jason Bakutis, founders of the successfully Kickstarted Fire & Bone, has launched a new line of tiny dioramas based on classic horror scenes from movies and books on Kickstarter this week.

These tiny dioramas, called "MicroFear", is a collection of tiny, highly detailed horror scenes, 3D printed in wax, and cast in beautiful bronze and other fine materials. Each piece is crafted with a process that retains impressive sculptural detail at an incredibly small scale.

Each scene measures less than 2.5" tall and features details smaller than 1mm. The scene is first created with digital sculpting and NURBS-based 3D modeling. The tiny parts are 3D printed in wax at extremely high resolution, using a professional 3D wax printer. A master mold is created from the wax original afterwards. Then the individual pieces are cast in classic bronze using lost wax casting. Other materials are added to create the remaining parts to further raise level of detail. These materials include onyx resin, hydrostone, wire and even sand. The final model is assembled, painted, and finished by hand.

"I grew up in the Monster Generation." said Bakutis. "As a kid, I spent hours and hours with the classic Aurora monster model kits. Miniatures and dioramas let you re-live a story, and I couldn't get enough of that."

"MicroFear is my homage to those stories and to the world of miniatures. I wanted to create something so detailed and so visually interesting that it would draw the viewer into that moment. The innovative process I use for MicroFear is what lets me accomplish that goal. It's new and modern, but it is so classic at the same time." Bakutis explained.

The final product is available in kit form or hand painted and assembled. And each MicroFear kit comes with a collectible trading card.

The all 6 MicroFear Scenes, including "The Mummy", "The House of the Psychopath", "Bigfoot", "The Pit and the Pendulum", "The Nanny", and "Spook Shack" is priced at $175. Backers can also just choose any 1/2/3 scenes for their own collection. If you pledge at the $200 level you will get a cool custom, handmade, solid wood and Lexan display case, complete with dimmer switch.

The money raised from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to produce the first large production run of MicroFear pieces and fulfill all the Kickstarter reward orders.

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