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3D printing projects don't need to be live-saving or revolutionary inventive constructions; they can also be useful, convenient and save you a bit of money. And in a way, nothing is more convenient and useful that printing parts for a 3D printer, which can then in turn be used to print more parts!

That's probably what the guys from Swedish 3D printing web store Creative Tools must have been thinking, when they shared their designs for a 3D printed filament spool holder earlier this week on Thingiverse. They've shared designs for a multitude of cool and fun projects in the past, but what could be more convenient than an efficient, easy-to-make, one-size-fits-all filament spool? Therefore, everyone looking for a fun new project (or planning on buying a filament spool) should check this out.

All parts of this spool can be easily 3D printed, that has also been designed to easily snap together without the need for fasteners like screws, nuts, shafts, glue or whatever. 'Every single component in this spool holder comes right from your 3D printer's filament.'

The spool holder's spindle is has been cleverly shaped to fit just about any time of filament spools with shaft holes ranging from 16 to 62 millimetres. Then to work with spool-less filament coils wrapped together? Then don't click this away just yet, as the guys have even thought of including an attachment that easily holds your spool-less filament too.

The spindle easily rotates, despite any weight resting on it, thanks to a number of roller wheels. The design even includes an arm for filament guide tubes of both often seen sizes: 1..75 and 3.0 millimetres.

While they haven't included a comprehensive tutorial to assemble all the different parts, you don't really need it. As no extra fasteners or glue is needed, all the different parts can be intuitively put together. So what are you waiting for? Save a bit of money, make your 3D printing hobby more convenient and get rid of some clutter with one simple project. Check out this design here!

For any more info about this cool and useful construction, check out this short YouTube clip as well:


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