Oct. 29, 2014

HP today introduced its vision for the future of computing and 3D printing by unveiling its new Blended Reality ecosystem: HP Multi Jet Fusion and a first-of-its-kind Immersive Computing platform 'Sprout'.

"We live in a 3D world, but today we create in a 2D world on existing devices," said Ron Coughlin, senior vice president, Consumer PC & Solutions, HP. "Sprout by HP is a big step forward in reimagining the boundaries of how we create and engage with technology to allow users to move seamlessly from thought to expression."

Combining a scanner, depth sensor, hi-resolution camera and projector into a single device, Sprout allows users to take physical items and seamlessly merge them into a digital workspace. The system also delivers an unmatched collaboration platform, allowing users in multiple locations to collaborate on and manipulate a single piece of digital content in real-time.

"People have always created with their hands," added Coughlin. "Concurrently, technology has progressed from the first transistors, through calculators to today's most sophisticated computing platforms. Until now, the physical and digital worlds have largely been separated and digital creation has remained in 2D. With Sprout by HP, we introduce the first immersive computing platform, seamlessly merging these two worlds together, enabling people to intuitively bring their creations, work, and projects to life in 3D."

Sprout features:

Dual-screen Experience: A workspace designed for creative expression and human interaction with an integrated vertical HD touch screen coupled with a 20 point capacitive touch mat.

The Sprout Illuminator: A projection system that scans and captures real-world objects in 3D, allowing the user to immediately interact and create.

HP Workspace: A software platform built expressly for Sprout to take full advantage of the dual-screen experience to make working and creating seamless, intuitive and engaging.

True Remote Collaboration: The way collaboration should be. An interface that advances how users work, collaborate and share, with simultaneous visual and workspace connectivity, allowing concurrent creativity and content manipulation.

Advanced Platform: A next-generation computing platform featuring a powerful 4th generation Intel i7 Processor, 1TB of storage in an easy-to-use dual-screen interface, and a Windows 8.1 multi-touch experience.

Sprout by HP will be available in the United States for pre-order beginning on October 29 and in select retail stores on November 9 for a starting price of $1,899.


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3D Is For Me wrote at 10/31/2014 6:15:11 PM:

The CNET preview of the HP Sprout states that the 3D scanner uses structured light technology, which is what the David Laserscanner products use. Unfortunately the CNET preview also said that a full 3D scanning application isn't yet available for the Sprout. As of now the Sprout can seemingly only do single scans from above. An application to stitch together a complete 3D model from multiple scans from multiple angles is estimated to be available in spring 2015. I'm excited by the potential of this machine, but I would want a fully functional 3D scanner before I'd consider making a purchase.

Noam wrote at 10/29/2014 10:38:59 PM:

Great, but what the hell is 'bing'?

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