Oct. 30, 2014

3D model sharing service Sketchfab announced today an important new feature: the option to download 3D models.

Sketchfab is an online publishing platform which allows tinkerers and designers to upload and share their 3D scans and models. Users can publish and embed their interactive 3D models on any webpage in real time without having to use plugins. It's just like youtube, but for 3D files. Users can also follow and contact 3D artists and request copies of models or hire 3D modellers from the site.

Granite head of Amenemhat III by britishmuseum

And now, designers can choose to publish 3D content for display only, or for display and download under Creative Commons licenses. Users can then download 3D models and print out these objects, or use them in a video game.

With the new feature, Sketchfab will become sort of Thingiverse, another repository for 3D objects. According to the company, currently more than 200,000 3D files have been uploaded on the platform so far.

The first downloadable 3D collection brought to Sketchfab is from The British Museum, you can find a set of 3D models here. Sketchfab is also hosting 3D collection from heritage site CyArk, 3D printable phone case for the HTC One M8 from HTC exclusively, as well as downloadable models from Microsoft.

Formlabs now has a dedicated Sketchfab gallery, with content crowdsourced from its users. You can also find works from Fashion designer Francis Bitonti - who designed the first 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese.

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