Oct. 31, 2014 | By Alec

Anyone who has ever worked on a 3D printing project from scratch, will likely confirm that making a printable 3D image is perhaps the most difficult phase in the entire process. Even when working with very user-friendly pieces of software, you'll still need a bit of IT-literacy to be successful. Of course, this is all part of the maker's experience, but it also scares off numerous potential hobbyists.

But it can be easier. A brand-new iOS application has just been released that takes intuitive functionality to a whole new level: Draw in 3D.

As developer Steffan Poulsen explained, 'If you like to express yourself creatively in new ways, but don't necessarily enjoy the complexity of traditional 3d applications - then Draw in 3d is for you!'

Draw in 3d is, as the name implies, an intuitive 3d drawing app. Instead of traditional 3d modelling methods, Draw in 3d focuses on a more "natural" approach. There is no positioning of points and polygons, you just draw your fingers across the screen.

Obviously, this app is therefore not at all intended for professionals or 'pro-sumers', though even those could benefit from making a quick sketch in this interesting application. Instead, the 'everyday Joe' is targeted with this exceptionally user-friendly app.

As the YouTube clip below illustrates, this application is exceptionally easy to play with and responds to just about any intuitive action you have. Moreover, it has been practically designed to incorporate other crucial steps in a 3D printing project.

The 'Draw in 3d' preview.

For one, it comes with a 3d-viewer function that allows you to easily view and share your designs with anyone.

Furthermore, its files are compatible with most known 3d rendering software, and can easily export files to just about any 3D printer as well. You simply export your drawing as an .obj file which then can be imported for further work / rendering etc. in another app. Draw in 3d also has the ability to save designs as STL files, which can be directly exported to the 3D printer of your choice. However, to avoid mistakes, it is advised to first 'use a cloud service like Netfabb to fix any mesh overlaps and such, before printing.'

All in all, this is definitely a very interesting application for all unexperienced but creative makers out there. The only downside is that it is currently only available for iPads, but let's hope a pc-version will soon be released as well.

You can find this promising app in the App Store. Steffan assures us that 'The whole development process will be 100% transparent - and all new features will of course be free of charge. No in-app purchases here!'

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