Nov.10, 2014

If you are a lucky owner of a Microsoft Band, you can now purchase a 3D printed charging stand for the device for as low as 10 USD.

Microsoft has released its own fitness tracker - a smartwatch-style device called 'the Microsoft Band'. The device is compatible with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform and acts as both a fitness wristband and a basic watch. Its screen shows various bits of data, such as your daily physical activity, your heart rate, skin temperature, UV sensor, as well as smartphone notifications for your email, calendar, messages, etc. Additionally, it has its own GPS, and comes equipped with an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyrometer and a microphone.

The Microsoft Band is available in the Microsoft Store for $199. According to the company, Microsoft's new Band is able to run for 48 hours after being charged for just an hour and a half. The Microsoft Band was rumored to come with a charging dock, but it is not available yet. Fortunately, a designer named hodginsa has come up with a 3D printed charging station for all potential Band buyers. hodginsa writes:

I recently acquired the new fitness tracker from Microsoft, called the Microsoft Band. It has been working great. The charging system works well, but I don't like the way it sits on a surface when the cable is connected. The wire sticks up straight and just isn't very visually appealing. I decided to design this stand so you can keep the cable in order as well as use the band as a clock/alarm when its in the charger. It is a nice way to support the band while it is charging.

The charging station is 3D printed in nylon plastic and available in white, black and metallic-plastic hues. It is priced at 10 USD, 11 USD and 15 USD respectively based on the colors and finish, and can be purchased from Shapeways.




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AMnerd wrote at 11/10/2014 10:49:34 AM:

Nothing new here but definitely a top-notch example of a 3D printer product that is created to meet the demand faster than possible before

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