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More and more large companies, from a variety of industries, have started incorporating 3D printing into their business venture. Many of these companies, especially in the automobile, medical and aerospace industries, are embracing its manufacturing and especially its prototyping potential.

Of course, some industries are set to benefit more strongly from 3D printing innovations than others, and are therefore understandably more enthusiastic about its potential. Everyday service providers, like French La Poste, Singapore Post, The U.S. Postal Service, have incorporated 3D printing into its business model. Now, the national postal services Die Post in Switzerland has also announced a partnership with the Swiss 3D printing company my3Dworld. Die Post has opened its own 3D printing supplies web store and is set to take 3D printing out on a roadshow across the country.

According to their website, the Swiss Post is actually going to offer 3D printing supplies and even 3D printers alongside its office supplies. Alongside a large collection of filament and other supplies, you can now order several pieces of 3D printer hardware, including the Cube 3 printer (3D Systems), Witbox 3D printer (BQ), the Prusa Hephestos (also BQ), the Deltatower V2 and even the David SLS-2 laser scanner. 3D printing has never been more available throughout Switzerland.

As they explained, the whole idea behind this is offering their customers the best possible products and services. Anticipating that 3D printing is set to become a large part of our daily lives, everything you need to become a part of it can now be delivered to your doorstep.

Even 3D printed products, like pendants and necklaces, will be available. 'From the customizable items for your loved ones , through the good and the courses , right down to the latest parts and 3D accessories , we offer you everything you need to print in 3D.'

While slightly more expensive than in specialized web stores, this about as good as it get s in terms of availability. And to raise awareness about this new service, the Swiss Post is even organising a roadshow in collaboration with my3Dworld throughout the fall. Not only is this an opportunity to check out all the products, they will even bring a full-body 3D scanner and 3D printer, that will allow you to create your very own Mini Me.

That cool novelty is, by itself, already a good reason for visiting these events. For those of you in Switzerland (or right across the border from it), here are more information about dates and locations of these events:

For now, we're simply curious to see if this catches on. Could the postal services be key to making 3D printing a mainstream technology?

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Jim wrote at 11/13/2014 7:57:44 PM:

i'm amazed postal sevices can sell items that are not really mail related. In Belgium they can sell stamps, packaging materials like boxes and envelopes,etc I think it's this way in most countries. This is a local phenomenon as it seems. The way postal services are going to benefit in the future is last mile shipping of 3D printed items from local 3D print shops. Just my 2cents.

Your Cheques in the Post... wrote at 11/13/2014 6:51:14 PM:

When we no longer need them as we make everything online, will this become the "Dead Post Society"

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