Nov.17, 2014

No matter how good a 3D printer gets, objects printed of ABS and PLA via FDM technology require finishing to get a less "printed" look and a glossier finish. But how to transform your 3D prints into a beautifully finished part in a short time? You can finish printed parts with a knife, pliers, and sandpaper; or treat your ABS parts with acetone. Reynolds Advanced Materials now offers another easy way to smooth out printed prints: their newly released XTC-3D brush-on coating, a special liquid coating that fills striations and smooths the surface of any 3D print, eliminating 90% of post finishing work.

This is a two part liquid epoxy system (Parts A+B) that is measured 2 parts A to 1 part B by volume. It comes with measuring cups and stirring sticks, so you can easily mix them together and brush onto your 3D print. A very small amount of XTC-3D is needed to coat an average size 3D print. 1 oz / 28.3 grams of mixed material will cover 101 in2 (651 cm2) applied at 1/64" (.04 cm) thickness.

According to the company, coating self-levels and wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes. Working time is 10 minutes and cure time is about 4 hours. Lightly sanding the surface will give a matte finish. The coating can then be sanded, primed and painted.

XTC-3D can be applied to both SLA and SLS prints. It works with PLA, ABS, Laywoo, Powder Printed Parts and other rigid media. It also can be used to coat EPS, EPDM and urethane foam as well as wood, plaster, fabric, cardboard and paper.

XTC-3D Resin does not contain VOC's, phthalates or phosphates, but it is irritating to the eyes and skin. Reynolds Advanced Materials urges customers to follow their directions carefully, to avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact to prevent possible sensitization. Also avoid breathing vapors and use only with adequate ventilation.

The XTC-3D Starter Kit (6.4 oz or 180 gm) retails for $10.48 and comes with XTC-3D resin (Parts A+B), measuring cups and stirring sticks. Tips for using this product successfully are provided on the XTC-3D information page.


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3Drasle wrote at 11/19/2014 8:50:25 AM:

would a clear cote spray do the same?

Naim wrote at 11/17/2014 9:24:19 PM:


Adam B wrote at 11/17/2014 4:24:28 PM:

I wasn't even going to click on this post, figured it was just another kickstarter that might ship 2 years from now, might work, might be FUD... clicked anyways. Very excited to see it was smooth-on. I use smooth-on products all the time for casting plastic parts and making molds. great company, great quality products. we have a local place that sells it so I'll for sure give it a shot. anything beats hours of sanding and auto putty.

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