Nov.22, 2014

Using a bow and arrow was common to most cultures. Today bows and arrows are used primarily for hunting and for the sport of archery. These days, compound bows that use a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs are getting popular. The compound bow is more energy-efficient than other bows, which is why a maker by the name of Dick Cho set about creating a 3D printed version of compound bow.

Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3

Cho has been working on this project for a while and has gone through quite a prototypes. The latest Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3 is the best and fully functional. The Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3 is an improved version of Mark 2. The Mark 2 has a draw weight (the force required to hold the string stationary at full draw) of 6kg. According to the laws of Hong Kong, crossbows with draw weight of more than 6 kg are defined as arms. So all Cho's previous designs has draw weight of no more than 6 kg. "But with draw weight of 6 kg, you can only shoot a chopstick about 6 meters," says Cho.

Vincy Compound Bow Mark 2

Somehow he decided to power up the version 3 by adding extra fibraglass. The Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3 uses 4X 30/6/600 fiberglass and also features 3D printed drop-away arrow rest and adjustable cable tension device.

The draw weight of the Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3 is 13kg, which can shoot things from 10 meters away.

The 3D printed prototype is not for sale, but you can download his 3D design from Thingiverse and build your own compound bow.

Cho calls himself a prototype maker. His previous projects include all kinds of home made hi-tech and low-tech stuff, such as 3D printed airsoft pistol shotgun, rail gun, ETG (Electrothermal Gun), crossblow, and the 3D printed compound bow.

3d printed compound bow Mark III fun day

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HARRY ELLIOT wrote at 5/10/2017 1:26:59 PM:

The Vincy Compound Bow Mark 3 is obviously highly functioning and robust. The item sells itself in the video, making you want to get up off the couch and ask for a chance to draw the bow yourself. The creator and his buddies are plenty excited over the bow and although it’s not in English, you very well get the point that there is a lot of enthusiasm over the 10 meter test.

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