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Digital technology, like cloud services, are creating wonderful and durable alternatives for letters and photographs, ensuring that fire or ignorance will never destroy meaningful moments. But did you know that 3D printing can also be used to give more durable shapes to precious drawings?

That is exactly what a new start-up called Kids Creation Station (an initiative of the 3D printing hub 3DP4E) offers. While the most of the drawings I made as a child eventually ended up in the trash, this brand-new 3D printing service now offers the opportunity to immortalize 2D draws as beautiful, detailed and meaningful 3D printed objects.

So how do you immortalize your kid's childhood drawings? Well, their website features an uploading service, where you can upload the drawings of your choice. These will then be 3D printed and shipped to your home within a few weeks' time, along with a plastic display case featuring a colourful diorama of your choosing. This way, the creature that crawled out of your child's imagination can spend its life in the castle, forest or schoolyard where he belongs.

By Kids Creation Station

As the photographs illustrate, these 3D printed creatures (that are up to 4 inches tall) feature an incredible level of detail. This is realized using because they're printed using ZCorp deposition printing technology. This effectively creates very accurate layers of a type of sandstone filament (gypsum powder), which are bound together with a powerful adhesive. The colours are simultaneously embedded into the models using an ink jet head, and are subsequently sealed with a special type of glue.

Now, this does mean that these sculptures aren't toys, however much they look like it. It's especially advised to keep them away from children aged 3 years or younger, as the sculptures are very delicate and can easily break. It's also advised to keep them away from heat, electricity and water.

There's just one catch behind this otherwise wonderful 3D printing service, and that's the price. The first sculpture will cost you $100, and each additional print will set you back an additional $60. While this is to be expected when such high quality prints are ordered, it nonetheless means you probably won't do it for every single drawing your child comes home with.

Interested? You can find their website here. Also be sure to check out their gallery featuring more beautiful examples.

For more on their services, you can also check out this video here.

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