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3D printing is a time-consuming and highly detail-oriented task, and one tiny, imperceptible error in your CAD or scan file can cost you dearly in time and energy. The Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software system, a new application from Avante Technology, promises to save you materials, money, and countless hours of frustration by analyzing the errors for you, and then automatically repairing the 3D STL file.

Most often, 3D printing technicians accidentally try to print 'non-manifold' STL files, which means that there are holes or inconsistencies in the surface (such as a 'zero thickness wall'). These tiny inaccuracies can lead to misprints or prints that fail altogether.

According to Avante, each CAD or 3D scanner application software may output their mathematical construct of the 3D object in slightly different levels of precision. With potentially millions of 3D triangular facets representing the object, even very tiny rounding errors can add up to a big problem when the file is printed. What is a mere human to do?

In order to ensure a valid or 'watertight' STL file, the Emendo application utilizes a unique, propriety set of algorithms to locate and repair errors with the highest accuracy at relatively high speeds.

For such a complex technology, the user interface is refreshingly simple to use, and the entire process can be done in only three steps.

First, open the Emendo application and select your file. Within seconds, Emendo will identify and display the errors found, and even highlight them on a 3D rendering of the file, as shown below.

Next, select 'repair' from the dialogue box and watch as Emendo automatically repairs the file. The app identifies each error by location and type, allowing technicians to understand where they went wrong and helping them to learn how to design better CAD files.

Finally, once the file has been validated, users have the option of saving it as a separate file, or replacing their original STL file. The entire process promises to improve 3D printing success rates quickly and efficiently.

Even if any stubborn errors do remain, Emendo can automatically present a more powerful repair operation, completley rebuilding the mesh surface and providing a 3D printable, manifold STL file. This process does take longer, however the results are nearly foolproof and are still more efficient than starting from scratch or hiring a skilled technician.

Currently, the software kit is available online for $49.95 USD per copy. Avante Technology, a Wyoming based company that defines themselves as a "boot strapped startup," is clearly hoping to fill a niche in the current market. While other sofware options do exist, they are either free, web-based services that work very slowly, or commercial versions that can cost hundreds of dollars. At only $49.95, Emendo is an affordable and state-of-the-art alternative that fits perfectly within the company's mandate to revolutionize the state of desktop 3D printing and to build powerful, affordable solutions for commercial use.

Currently, the Emendo STL Validation and Repair software kit requires Mac OS 10.9 or better, however Avante is planning to release a Windows version in the first half of 2015, and an SDK in December 2014.


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