Dec 5, 2014 | By Alec

Star Wars has a strange effect on the internet's population, myself included. Even a movie (The Force Awakens, for those beneath-rock dwellers among us) that won't be released for another year, and of which we know virtually nothing, can lead to some heated debates. Just a brief and frustratingly tantalizing trailer is enough spark a host of discussions about everything and nothing related to the Star Wars universe. You might have heard of the lightsaber controversy?

But there are some cool-looking themes in it as well, and it's hardly surprising that the maker's community pounced on them. Just a few days ago, one Thingiverse member calling herself lilykill posted 3D printable STL files for creating your very own ball droid. While only on screen for just a few seconds, the droid definitely looks cool and thus a fun mascot for the new movie. As she wrote on her page, 'This is the droid you're looking for.'

Now this project is really easy, as the droid consists of just two solid parts. You can download the necessary STL files here. Many of the visible details are obviously just speculation, as we only see the droid while moving. Obviously, this print-out won't move, though I challenge any Star Wars fan to somehow modify the design to make it movable. We Star Wars geeks need something to keep us going.

The same can be said for lilykill herself, who chose this design simply because the droid looked cool in the trailer. She promises to adjust the design once we see more of the droid. While she hasn't printed her own designs yet, two fans have already eagerly powered up their printer. You can see their results below:

Made by kchristley

Made by sn3850

This 3D printing project is fun, simple and speaks to every geeky sensation in my body. There's just one thought that keeps popping into my mind. We don't know anything about the Ball Droid yet. What if it's R2-D2's nemesis and works for the Sith? Are we going to regret printing this?


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Mobility geek wrote at 12/19/2014 11:14:51 AM:

Would modding the head so that it stays on top of sphero as sphero rolls work as a "mobile" modification?

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