Dec 5, 2014 | By Alec

As Christmas is around the corner again, wouldn't it feel good to be able to help someone else by doing something you enjoy? Few people actually dislike doing something for charity (we're not scrooges), but we understand that it can be difficult to fit into our already busy lives and schedules at times.

If that's recognizable, then we have some good news: what if you could doing something charitable and genuinely improve someone's life, using 3D printing? You can! Simply help 3D printer manufacturers Airwolf 3D and 3D printing charity Robohand US to set a world record at the world's largest Print-A-Thon on Saturday, 13 December in Costa Mesa, California.

There, you can be part of the printer farm to crank out as many 3D printed hand prosthetics as possible, all of which will be used by Robohand US to help people lacking fingers, hands and limbs. For those of you who never heard of Robohand, it's a charitable organisation that, like E-Nable, provides functional, safe, cost effective upper extremity assistive devices to help enable any individual with an upper limb difference.

They've already improved the lives hundreds of people who've lost their limbs or were born with a defect, and this Print-A-Thon aims to dramatically increase this number for the holidays. 3D printer manufacturers Airwolf 3D will be onsite with all one hundred in-house printers they own to crank out as many Robohands as possible, and everyone is invited to bring their 3D printers (whatever brand!) to join them at Costa Mesa.

Is California too far away? Then you can still make a very valuable contribution. Be part of Robohand's first-ever flash print and use the files you can find here, and print a hand prosthetic from the comfort of your own home. Post photos of your completed hand on Robohand's social media page, and help them to help the less fortunate.

Don't have a 3D printer, and California is also too far away? Then you can still do your part, go to their website here and donate $25 for a roll of filament. This will be used by the Airwolf 3D printers to print up to 5 separate hands, all of which will feature your name. So lend five people a hand for just $5 each!

Anyone excited about helping others this holiday season? Be sure to RSVP to Robohand here. Just to repeat myself, the event will be held on Saturday, 13 December in Costa Mesa, California. The 3D printing will occur from Friday, December 12, 2014 at 5 PM PST through Saturday, December 13, 2014 5 PM PST at Airwolf 3D headquarters. Let's hope that hundreds of people can come together to show the world that 3D printing isn't just a hobby or a convenience, but that it can genuinely help others too.


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