Dec 5, 2014

Thanksgiving has only just come and gone, but Christmas is moving in fast. With just less than three weeks to go, decorations are going up all around us, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to start thinking about this year's Christmas presents. If that's an annual cause of stress because time and money tend to run out quickly, why not consider 3D printing some presents? This will save you some money and allows you to keep your Christmas preparations in the comfort of your own home.

Of course there's also the additional level of customization and love you can add to presents. Just think: what's more special or original than a gift you crafted yourself? And if you're looking for inspiration – or lack the skills to design your own presents – then take a look at this top 18 Christmas list made by model repository platform Cults. All of them are excellent presents to give and get, and you can simply download the files and print them at home (most of them are free to download). What could be more convenient?

1. gCreate Rocket

The official gCreate rocket ship. Comes with a rocket, flame and smoke stand which lock together. Model can be scaled and printed in a variety of materials.

2. Spinning top by be3D

Designed by Martin Žampach for be3D, printed on DeeGreen printer.

3. Colorful ferris wheel by Zortrax

Fully printable Ferris wheel rotating on two printed bearings. Printed on Zortrax M200 3D Printer.

Printing Parameters: Layer Height: 0.14mm. Infill: Full. Support: 0°-30°

4. The Sheep from Leo The Maker Prince

This is the sheep that LEO makes from Carla's drawing from the book LEO the Maker Prince. The white parts and black parts should be printed separately and then assembled. The legs should be oriented so that they bow inwards toward the center of the sheep.

5. Customizable Lego robots by My build

Use these core bricks to build a frame and cover it with Lego bricks, and create your action robot! The 3D designs include print supports, and they can be easily removed after printing.

6. Faire Play Armor by Zheng3

This set contains three suits of Barbie-compatible armor: Field Plate, the Athena Makeover Kit, and Parade Armor. These suits are compatible with the Barbie Fashionistas line of dolls.

7. Telescopic light saber by leFabShop

A fully customizable light saber toy that will let you 3D print your toy weapon. Choose your side, print it out and challenge your friends!

8. Fire Husky by HelloBard

The Fire Husky is a devilishly cute dog born in the fires of a live volcano somewhere in the Northern arctic. Price: €2

9. Red Barron Mobile by XYZ Workshop

This cute little 3d printed baby mobile is of a dog fight between the Red Barron and a Blue Prop Plane. Comes with fluffy looking 3D printed clouds.

10. Z Tank by Zortrax.

Printed on Zortrax M200 3D Printer. Printing Parameters: Layer Height: 0.14mm. Infill: Medium. Support: 0°-20°

11. Seej Starter Set by Zheng3

Seej is an Open-Source tabletop wargame based around 3D printing. This archive contains almost everything you need to start playing Seej. You'll need to supply your own pennies and elastic bands, though.

12. Happy Whale by Mooses

The whale is about 120mm long but you can certainly scale him or any size you like. Just be careful when making him smaller, the eye area may lose too much details depending on your printer.

13. A cute piggy bank by Platonik.

The model is 3D printed in Taulman 618 Nylon. It is 130 mm from nose to tail and can be scaled 50% smaller or as large as you like. There is a plug for the bottom that fits real snug, requiring an adult push to snap in place and a flat-head screwdriver to remove. Price: €2.92

14. Gameboy button faceplate by 3D Brooklyn

15. A articulated robot by leFabShop

The robot is fully articulated, with a total of 11 axis, printed all at once.

16. A dark bat mask by Mageli

17. A tiny fancy car by leFabShop

"We created this cute toy to explain how an object can be 3D printed with moving parts without having to use support or raft." The model is available in 3 different sizes. Original, which is 80mm, 150% and 320% (full size for a Replicator 2).

18. Spiral Yo-Yo to Go by Platonik.

Price: €2.73


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