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Star Wars and 3D printing has proven to be a very potent combination. The recent trailer for the eagerly anticipated new Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) has already a very powerful impact on the 3D printing community. Just in the past week or so, we've seen a 3D printed ball droid roll past, while we even reported on a 3D printed version of the most controversial feature of the new trailer: a 3D printed lightsaber with a crossguard.

Sure, 3D printing yourself a lightsaber would be very cool, and yesterday's design by LeFabShop is especially useful as it can be easily modified. Really, there's just one problem with the design: it isn't a real lightsaber. The blade section is obviously just a 3D printed shell.

Those of you looking to take things to the next level might want to take a look at Wicked Lasers' own design for a 3D printed lightsaber. Wicked Laser is a Hong Kong-based company providing all type of lasers, but are obviously fellow geeks too.

Like yesterday's design, their very cool 3D printable design features a crossguard like the Sith blade from the trailer, but instead relies on a laser to provide the 'blade'. 'This is how we envision a realistic Crossguard being made. The laser light travels straight through a hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminium shell and reflects sideways as it hits a pair of 45 degree side-mounted front surface mirrors.'

While also not quite an actual lightsaber, the laser would definitely enhance the effects. If you're interested, you can find the free STL files for their design here. There's obviously just one problem: you'll probably need to buy one of their lasers to complete it. For convenience and your wallet's sake, it might be better to stick to LeFabShop's design. May the Force be with you.


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Thrand wrote at 12/30/2014 9:26:45 AM:

Star Wars: Episode VII Lightsaber Crossguard Tested - Is It Dangerous?

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