Dec 10, 2014

MakerBot has announced the launch of its new MakerBot-Ready Apps Portal, a new platform for 3D designs, characters, and games. Initally eight apps are available in the MakerBot-Ready Apps Portal, including three design apps: Leopoly, Zotebook and Cookie Caster; three entertainment apps: Modio, World of Rabbit and Robot Factory for MakerBot; a useful app: Fraemes; and an education-themed app: Makers Empire.

MakerBot-Ready Apps are part of the MakerBot Developer Program launched earlier this summer, which aims to provide developers the resources needed to integrate with the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem. Apps developed through this initiative are available for desktop, mobile, tablet and web-based app platforms.

"We are really thrilled to be able to seamlessly incorporate educational, entertaining and useful 3D printing applications into the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem," noted Jenny Lawton, CEO of MakerBot.

MakerBot-Ready Apps in the MakerBot-Ready Apps Portal include:

Design apps

Leopoly: Created by Leonar3Do, this web-based design app features modular apps with intuitive tools and starter objects that can be endlessly customized.

Zotebook: Created by Blank Slate Systems, Zotebook is a mobile design app that allows makers without extensive 3D design experience to quickly prototype concepts. Users draw in 2D and specify a height to create a 3D printable model.

Cookie Caster: This design app created by Dreamforge, a Y Combinator-funded company, allows users to draw or trace images to create a custom 3D printable cookie cutter as well as choose from a large design gallery.

Entertainment apps

Modio: This mobile and tablet-based app allows makers to design and 3D print fun characters and creatures by using the built-in parts library, along with options for surface textures and shapes.

World of Rabbit: World of Rabbit is an entertainment-themed Windows phone app where players work to save an underground rabbit world from robot infestation. Along the way, players earn 3D printable models and accessories designed in collaboration with Trobok Toys.

Robot Factory for MakerBot: Created by Thinker Thing, Robot Factory allows children as well as adults to create unique and fantastic Retro Robots ready for 3D printing on a phone or tablet. The app uses advanced genetic modeling algorithms in the back end, but keeps a simple interface for easy creating and printing.

A useful app

Fraemes: Fraemes is a Dreamforge product that enables users to design an interchangeable and ready-to-print iPhone case by personalizing unique designs created by artists.

An education-themed app

Makers Empire: Described by its founders as the "world's easiest to use 3D printing software," Makers Empire features themed modules such as a character builder, block builder and doodler, as well as classroom management and lesson plan tools for teachers that are aligned to the United States, Australian and United Kingdom curriculums.

The MakerBot-Ready Apps are accessible via Additional Apps are expected to be added as more developer ideas are integrated into the MakerBot Developer Program.


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