Dec 11, 2014

The British Army is taking a look at what kind of future technology may have impact on land forces in the 2030-2040 timescale and has recruited Roke Manor Research to identify potential ideas.

Roke Manor Research announced Dec. 9 that The United Kingdom's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory has commissioned the company to conduct a Science and Technology Watch Programme on behalf of HQ Army to support the future development of Land Forces.

During the initial 18 month research programme, Roke will present the Army with an overview of technologies that could be exploited to support the requirements for future capability in the Land Environment.

Jonathan Farrington, Science and Technology Watch Technical Lead, said:

"We will be scanning the market for innovative technologies that are in the early stages of development so that the Army can consider their exploitation. Developing and managing innovation is at the heart of everything that Roke does and we want to work with like-minded organisations. This is an excellent opportunity for both academia and the commercial sector to promote their ideas to the Army and become major contributors to the future development of the UK's land forces."

Image credit: British army

The Science and Technology Watch Programme will focus on establishing how emerging technologies could influence:

  • Dismounted Close Combat
  • Mounted Close Combat
  • Land Fires (artillery support for ground forces)
  • Air Manoeuvre
  • Military Engineering
  • Information Activities and Outreach

The technology areas that Roke will review include:

  • Advanced Printing (e.g. 3D printing and electronics/components printing)
  • Advanced Materials
  • Augmented Human Performance
  • Big Data
  • Communications Technology
  • Position, Navigation and Timing
  • Power
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Robotics and Autonomy
  • Sensors
  • Synthetic Biology
  • The application of current COTS technologies to the military domain

Interested organisations and university research departments are encouraged to contact the team via its submissions portal here.

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