Dec 12, 2014

Put a 3D printed T-rex on your Christmas tree! Now you can have your very own Dire Wolf skull or Hagerman horse skull to hang on your Christmas tree.

The Idaho Virtualization Laboratory (IVL), a research unit of Idaho Museum of Natural History on the campus of Idaho State is giving away a line of Christmas ornaments. IVL has scanned a lot of animal fossil specimens, including the fossil remains of birds, walruses, sea lions, otters, bear, camels, and put those scans online so anyone can easily access for teaching purposes and exploration.

"Tis the season and we want to give back to all of you that have been so kind as to follow our shenanigans and work. To that end we are GIVING away a line of Christmas ornaments!" explained the IVL team on their Facebook page.

"Follow this link to Shapeways and 3D print your very own piece of natural history and hang it from your tree! If you have your own printer we have made it so that the files can be downloaded by everyone, free of charge! The price of these models at Shapeways is only the cost to manufacture them, we are just hosting the files there."

The IVL team has included 10 designs of ornaments on Shapeways, including the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Walrus, Dire Wolf, Hagerman Horse, Killer Whale, as well as Mexican Santa Claus Figurine, Smilodon fatalis, Trilobite Ornament etc. You can simply download them for free and print out your own. IVL will be adding new ornaments this week so check back regularly.


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