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3D printing is coming to your smartphones. At least, the design portion of it is; we've already seen numerous apps surface that feature excellent and playful design options allowing you to create 3D shapes and even order printed versions of them. Just last week, MakerBot launched a portal of 3D printing apps that do exactly that, while a brand-new one has just appeared in the App Store: My Little Monster – Make it Real.

This particular app is interesting as it allows you to make thousands of potential monsters. It's a drawing and playing app aimed at children and childish adults. Here's how it works: users can choose one of the eleven 'starter monsters', than can subsequently be customized in just about every way possible; his color, eyes, teeth, accessories, feet, you name it. Theoretically, this means you can make thousands of monsters with this fun app.

But it can do more than just design monsters; children can give them a voice through a voice command function, and even play with their monsters by manipulating them on-screen. Tickling and poking produces a variety of reactions, while you can even make your monster dance.

And while the app is free, it also contains an option to order a 3D print of your monster, which will be shipped to your home as a two inch figure. This will surely result in some nervous glances from parents, as 3D printed figurines can be a bit expensive. But rest assured, as the monsters only cost $20 in the US (plus $5.50 shipping) or : £12.71 in the UK (plus £6.04 in shipping costs). Other prices (like euros) aren't currently known, but will doubtlessly be in that same region. Payments are done via Apple Pay (US) or PayPal (UK). Just make sure your kids don't figure out how the payment.

Now if all this sounds a bit familiar, that could mean you're one of our regular readers. For this app was previously released a little over a year ago under the name Monstermatic. As its creators, the Los Angeles-based start-up Mico Studio, revealed, they've recently completely re-branded and remade the game in collaboration with game distributor TabTale. 'Under their invaluable guidance, we removed the App from the App Store, rolled our sleeves and got back to work for 3 incredible month. The goal was deliver an fun experience to design and customize a 3D printed monster before Christmas.'

Aside from a rebranding and editing, this new version of the app is available throughout the world, while last year's version was a US release only. As its designers also revealed, Android is on its way: 'and we're following up with My Little Monster on Android in the next few days!'

The app itself is looking great and will doubtlessly be a big hit with the iPad addicted youth of today. But it's obviously also a great way to bring 3D printing technology and its creative strength under the attention of a whole new generation! Perhaps a home-made, 3D printed monster will make a great Christmas gift.

For more on how the app exactly works, check out this short clip:


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