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In preparation for this year's CES in Las Vegas, BigRep announced it will adopt Autodesk's Spark Platform as its operating system for its full scale 3D printer, the BigRep ONE.2.

That machine, with an 1100 x 1067 x 1097 mm (1.3 m³) working volume, can 3D print larger objects than most, if not all, available 3D printers. BigRep's printers are targeted for larger-scale operations and industrial or business use. Automotive, aerospace, robotics, as well as those involving architecture, art, and design, who are interested in 3D printing larger prototypes, such as full-scale furniture, should find the BigRep ONE.2 ideally suited for them.

Priced at €36000 ($44,700), the BigRep ONE.2 3D printer is definitely more expensive than the "hobbyist" targeted printers. Yet, at that price, it's still affordable to many small to medium sized businesses.

BigRep ONE.2 3D Printer

René Gurka, BigRep's CEO, stated, "BigRep believes that while big is beautiful, it doesn't have to be expensive. Adopting Spark is an important step for us towards building a global ecosystem of BigRep Printers, creating a better experience for anyone who wants to bring big ideas to reality."

The partnership with Autodesk will help BigRep realize Gurka's vision.

Autodesk recently developed Spark, an open and free software platform for 3D printing. They also announced their own 3D printer, the Ember which primarily revolves around the Spark initiative. ''Spark connects digital information to 3D printers in a new and streamlined way. It's an open platform so that everyone can join in and use its building blocks to push the limits of 3D printing. To encourage the broadest possible community to participate, Spark is free to license.' notes the company.

Autodesk's list of Spark Platform clients show their commitment and dedication to 3D printing. That list includes, among others, HP, Voxel8, Dremel, Shapeways, MatterFab, and now, BigRep.

All of these developments grew out of early efforts by Autodesk with their Spark Fund. They established the Spark Investment Fund in 2014 to invest up to $100 million dollars to foster innovation and growth in the 3D Printing industry.

As Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Consumer Products and 3D Printing, at Autodesk said, "The Spark Investment Fund will empower innovators to improve 3D printing, and to help us unlock the tremendous promise of this technology."

The last few years have brought many partnerships, collaborations, and buyouts in the 3D world. BigRep's adoption of the Spark Platform Autodesk developed may help make 3D printing more prominent and practical in many areas of business and industry.


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