Jan 7, 2015

WhiteClouds, a 3D printing and 3D visualization service company based in Ogden, Utah, will show off its largest, most detail-oriented 3D architectural model print ever created at CES 2015.

Formed in 2013, WhiteClouds prints realistic models of any design at their own production lab. With a fleet of 3D Systems and Stratasys printers, customers can print vibrant, full-color and monochrome models within a quick timeframe.

WhiteClouds' newest architectural model, the Casa Fortunata, is a 1/8 scale model made for a 35,023-square-foot home. The size of model is 16" x 23" x 8" (41 x 58 x 20 cm) and it boasts over 25 unique features such as cathedral style windows, fountains, verandas, archway arcading and massive multi-level staircases.

The whole Casa Fortunata model were printed in 1,973 layers on their ProJet 660 3D printer and took nearly 59 hours to complete.

Watch below a quick video showing the process of printing this massive home.

WhiteClouds will also debut a new porcelain-like finish which 'increases the strength of 3D prints, gives a glass smooth finish to full-color sandstone parts, enhances color and gives a glossy sheen,' according to the company. This porcelain-like finish is perfect for 'figurines and entertainment models'.

The 3D architectural model and figurines and entertainment models in porcelain-like finish will be displayed in the WhiteClouds booth (#71918 in Tech West, Level 2, of the Sands Expo).



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