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“What you see is what you get” (commonly referred to as ‘wiziwig’ or WYSIWYG), is a designer’s ideal, however it doesn’t always work in real life. For many online and graphic designers, including 3D print users, a common and frustrating problem is that their final, real-life creation may not live up to what they imagined or saw onscreen during the design process. Details may be lost, or textures and thicknesses may come out differently than imagined, leading to wasted prints and wasted time.

Sculpteo, the online 3D printing company based in San Francisco and Paris, has just launched their latest and most advanced 3D printing preview feature, which they hope will revolutionize 3D printing in 2015.

FinalProof, which was unveiled at this year’s CES, is an innovative online feature that simulates any potential loss of detail that could occur during 3D printing and gives a realistic preview of the kind of effects layering can have on your design. It being touted as the ultimate WYSIWYG solution. According to the company, the product simulates a full 3D print, providing a highly detailed rendering that is genuinely comparable to the physical object. The fact that the FinalProof process happens in mere seconds, compared to the hours it can take to physically print something, goes to show just how useful this tool will be.

“Typical 3D rendering solutions are engineered to produce images that look better than reality, so you never truly see what you are going to get,” said Clément Moreau, co-founder of Sculpteo. “Sculpteo designed FinalProof to show images that are as real as possible, including potential defects in the printed result. We believe it’s a key step to ensure that every 3D print is successful.”

Sculpteo is known for their easy-to-use online 3D printing services and cloud-based solutions, which empower all users to take control of their 3D print creations—even if those without technical qualifications. Their website features several optimization tools as well as a community platform that allows users to share models and information, upload 3D designs, and print them.

In keeping with this open-access concept, FinalProof is available for all Sculpteo users at no cost. From the website’s ‘print page’, users will now have the option to receive their ‘3D Print Dossier,’ which contains a full breakdown of every characteristic of the 3D print, including the solidity check, scale blueprints, and even a delivery quote (an example can be found here). The Dossier can be sent as an email or a PDF and provides all of the necessary information to ensure that your 3D print comes out just as you expected, reducing the risk of having to reprint and waste both time and materials. The video below demonstrates how to request the 3D Print Dossier:

If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment that comes after receiving a 3D print that is nothing like what you imagined, FinalProof just might be the answer. By taking the guesswork out of 3D printing, Sculpteo continues to make the DIY movement more accessible, efficient, and rewarding to all. 


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Gabriel wrote at 1/8/2015 8:23:31 PM:

I hope there will be cyclic self correcting software soon that can change your model file, imposing details from your original digital design into your final print.

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