Jan 9, 2015 | By Alec

The end of the thrilling International Consumer Electronics Show (or International CES) 2015 is already in sight, as today’s the last day to attend. But there are still some 3D printing gems to be uncovered in this giant gathering of the latest consumer technologies.

Among them: the preview of the absolutely stunning family of NEA 3D printers, that are coming to Indiegogo crowdfuning platform soon. This series of next-generation 3D printers have been in development by the Toronto-based NEA. Inc for more than a year, and are shaping up to not only look great, but also print in high quality and at an affordable price.

This family of printers, consisting of three different sizes and price classes, have some promising common features. The NEA (short for Newly Evolved Art) concept revolves around modular, open source and customizable FDM 3D printers and, in their own words, aims to ‘bring to market the best industrial 3D printer for consumers and professionals for an affordable price.’

As the pictures illustrate, their printers certainly look the part, but their specifications (for as far as we now right now) look quite promising too. Of the three NEA printers that are forthcoming, the flagship model is the NEA Pro+, a tall device featuring a very impressive 14" x 14" x 20" (or 355 x 355 x 508 mm) print volume for an expected price of $1995. Next is the also respectably-sized NEA Pro, which features a print volume of 10" x 10" x 10" (or 254 x 254 x 254mm) and a price tag of $1295. And finally, there’s the NEA budget model, the PRO Mini, featuring a more modest but not uncommon print volume of 6" x 6" x 6" (or 152x152x152mm) with a price of just $995.

This means that these printers all come equipped with decently sized printbeds and price tags that match them. But all of them share a number of characteristics that make these NEA printers look quite decent. For all three, even the PRO Mini, is set to be capable of producing layer thicknesses of an impressive 50 microns, while all are set to be equipped with all the latest properties we’ve come to expect of 3D printers, such as a self-levelling and heated printed bed and a Wi-Fi connection. Its developers are even promising to incorporate a Vibration Dampening system that will ensure systematic and high-quality prints.

As the NEA chief inventor and CTO, Stoyan Tadin, explained, these printers are aimed to offer ‘professional quality and specifications with models for home, education and professionals –whether in art, entertainment or medical and professional prototyping and final product.’ He also added that their printers were designe to incorporate all the experiences, innovations and problems of the last two decades of 3D printing technology to ‘to further enrich peoples understanding of what can be created and how it can be applied to the rapidly growing 3d printing industry and community.’

CEO William Chang added that ‘In our business we understand and need to produce quality, excellence and performance. We simply weren’t satisfied with the 3D Printers we had purchased on crowdfunding platforms. So we embarked on engineering out the flaws we had experienced with those products, the result producing what we believe is not only the most stunning series with superb engineering craftsmanship, but fully featured and calibrated out of the box.’

The Canadian manufacturers of these promising 3D printers have also revealed that they will develop a brand-new online community platform to coincide with the release of their NEA printers. Called NEAT STUFF, it has been presented as a very accessible platform to purchase, sell and showcase your own 3D designs. ‘We are completely committed to online community creation for makers, innovators, builders & designers that believe in sharing, marketing and building their 3D portfolios.’ For more about the NEAT STUFF platform and how it will look and function, check out this preview clip:

All in all, these NEA printers are certainly shaping up to be very promising and still affordable printers. And that design! A crowdfunding campaign is set to launch in the near future, so keep an eye out for them. If you happen to be at CES today, you can still also visit them at booth 75087 in Eureka Park.


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