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Although Nervous Systems has been receiving a lot of attention lately for their Kinematics 3D printed dress, which is 3D printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in one complete assembly of multiple interlocking parts, they are far from being the only designers who are working on developing the future of 3D printed textile designs.  

London-based fashion stylist and creative director Jiv D, whose background is rich in working with fashion, music, print and video industries to create unique styling, customization and design solutions, has been actively working on his own 3D printed wearable concepts that he has figure out how to complete with just a single year of 3D printing experience.  

“I got interested in 3d printing around 1 year ago and bought the makerbot replicator 2 machine,” Jiv told 3Ders.

“I have made many random experiments.  Coming from a fashion design background, and having worked as a fashion stylist for as long as i can remember my aesthetic is very varied. I am constantly researching and always trying new things with my styling.  I like to get lost in an idea.”

From design to print, Jiv’s projects take him roughly a month, although this also includes his already hectic schedule as a globe-trotting fashion editor.  However the lack of time or 3D modeling haven’t stopped the talented designer yet:

“When starting a new project i have a vision of what i am after but it keeps changing as the idea is developed.  I had to learn my CAD software from scratch to make this dress [and] my skills are very limited.”  

Jiv uses ViaCad to play around with his ideas before committing to a final dress pattern.

“In any dressmaking, you start with a body and begin to cover the parts of the body you wish, similar to draping fabric on a stand, then you cut a pattern.  The dress panels are  connected together with split rings which holds the pieces together and allowed movement.  This is similar technique to does used by Pacco Rabban in the 60's.”

Using PLA filament that he found on eBay (he wanted to use MakerBot-brand PLA filament however it wouldn’t have shipped to him in time to complete), the process for the dress started by printing 40 individual pieces that each took up to one hour to print.  Once complete, the pieces were assembled into the final dress design.

This isn’t the first dress that Jiv has made, however.  While he hasn’t released photographs yet, his more recent designs consist of words that are used in a favorite poem of his, as well as another design that is made from 1000 3D printed birds.  


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