Jan 15, 2015

Want a custom 3D printed figurine of your favorite video game? Thanks to 3D printing, kids born "digital" could get all the exact same figures as in the game.

With the release of zombie survival game Dying Light just two weeks away, developer Techland has unveiled a special gift for fans. The company has released 3D printable files for a figurine of one of the zombies in the game, so fans can download and print for free. Startup Three Dimensions Lab helped Techaland adjust their 3D models to make them printable on almost any reprap based 3D printers.

You can find the stl file here. Techland has also posted a video showing you how to paint your 3D printed zombie figurine. Check it out below:

Additionally Techland has revealed a new website, Harran-city.com, the official website of the Dying Light city for the zombie outbreak. Players can explore the site and see how the city once was. "Players can explore the site and see how the city once was, watch as the viral horror slowly unfolds through the eyes of the mysterious hacker," Techland said. "Players can also begin to piece together the viral outbreak story and other in-game elements that have yet to be revealed as they explore the site."

Watch below a short parkour-style movie with a real-life actor escapes from zombies through the rooftops of Cambridge, UK.

Dying Light will launch on January 27 in US and on January 30 in Europe for PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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