Jan 18, 2015

Back in October last year, Dutch startup business Printr announced they were working on a consumer-oriented 3D printing platform Formide. Aiming to make 3D modelling and printing accessible and let people get creative without technical limitations, Printr's Formide cloud-based 3D printing platform will introduce apps as a new way for users to create customized content, while enabling consumers to print their own construction without having extensive knowledge of software or hardware.

This weekend Printr has informed us that they will soon be launching an intuitive plug & play USB dongle, called the Element, which is designed to bring a productive and painless 3D printing experience to consumers.

"When my friends and I first started out with 3D printing, we had to spend hours and hours trying to master all the different programs that are needed to print a simple key chain," Douwe Bart Mulder, CEO of Printr told us. "Even when we did figure it all out, the slicer kept crashing, we had to constantly watch the printer and eventually, we ran out of(useful/relevant/practical) things to print."

Just plug The Element into your 3D printer and you are ready to go. The Element connects your computer to your 3D printer via a WiFi connection. After connecting the Element to your 3D printer you will have access to create 3D models, generate 3D printable code and stream your designs straight to your 3D printer.

Its features include:

  • WiFi enabled 3D printing
  • Cloud enabled slicing
  • Easy to use, intuitive 3D modeling
  • Automatic 3D file repair
  • Queuing system for multiple users per printer
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Ability to remote control and monitor your printer
  • Plug and play setup
  • Share files with other community members

The company has also announced their partnership with the Dutch 3D printer manufacturer FELIXrobotics BV. Their next generation 3D printers will integrate with FormideOS within and they will add a modular option to their current printers.

"The combination of our 3D printers & FormideOS will make it significantly easier for our customers to start 3D printing." said Guillaume Feliksdal, CEO of FELIXrobotics BV. "This enables us to reach a broader audience and will be a big leap towards the mainstream consumers. FormideOS is an ingenuous solution that will bring 3D printing to the next level."

Meanwhile Printr is also talking with Dutch manufacturer Nectar3D to include FormideOS in their first 3D printer the "Nectar One". The Element will be available through Kickstarter campaign which is scheduled to launch around the 26th of January.



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Presikhaaf wrote at 3/15/2015 11:09:41 AM:

Yes Tom, please dig deep in your wallet and give them money. And please also support the Nectar 3D printer which will never hit the shelfs.. 'Running gag' comes to mind..

Tom wrote at 1/18/2015 6:18:06 PM:

So it does everything that PrintToPeer already does except it's not free...

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