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At this year's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, 3D Systems brought in a special musical guest to highlight one their 3D printed electric guitars designed by Olaf Diegel, who you may recall from his 3D printed saxophone. Appropriately playing the song "Fly Like an Eagle" in which the lyrics bring the future to mind, Steve Miller Band's Kenny Lee Lewis appeared before the excited CES crowd to show them one aspect the future of manufacturing in the revolutionary Americana guitar body design through the power of music.

About as American as it can get, this guitar features an overarching American flag theme on the face with red, white, and blue coloration. Also on its face is of course a bald eagle staring you down from under the strings between the guitar's pickups. But what's really fascinating about the design, though, is the fact that it is essentially hollowed out to reveal intricate representations within the body itself in a discrete white. On one side there's a linear rendition of the New York City cityscape, and on the other there are multiple tributes to American culture, including the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and Yankee Stadium.

Images: cubify.com/store

The 3D printed guitar is available as a complete, functional product from Cubify.com. If you're not American or don't feel like touting its culture to the extreme, don't worry, there are other amazing guitar designs available alongside this one. The cubify store also offers a Steampunk guitar, two Spider guitars with web-like designs, a Scarab flying-V-style guitar, a Hive guitar that features a honeycomb face with 3D printed hornets inside. All six of the guitars carry a price tag of either $3,000 or $4,000.

As for Kenny Lee Lewis, he seemed thrilled both at the event and on Twitter afterward to have jammed out on such futuristic gear at the 3D Systems' CES booth this year alongside intricately designed, 3D printed drums and keyboard. 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental may have been more thrilled than anyone, standing right up next to Lewis, singing along, and serving as a human microphone stand all the while. Great thinking by 3DS for bringing some musical soul to the electrified environment that is the Consumer Electonics Show. The combination of a classic American tune being performed on such advanced instruments in the heart of a cutting-edge convention by an American icon is a potent medley sure to grab the attention of more 3D printing revolution outsiders.

Images: 3D Systems

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