Jan 27, 2015 | By Simon

As more consumers start adopting 3D printing for a myriad of needs ranging from DIY projects to their own product designs, the amount of 3D printing marketplaces and services are growing at an exponential rate, too.  While Shapeways, Ponoko and i.materialise were among the first to offer 3D printing as a service for those who weren’t yet interested in purchasing their own 3D printers, the amount of international 3D print marketplaces and services as seemingly gone through the roof.

Recently, Japanese company Kabuku added their platform to the growing selection and are now offering a  “Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program” with the aim of creating a large network for international 3D printing orders.

While Rinkak was originally established as an online marketplace for 3D designers in early summer of 2013, the addition of the 3D Printing Partner Program will expand their network to include those who are interesting in printing customer orders off of their own 3D printers.   

“We believe [our] new 3D Printing Partner Program will enhance not only our service but also an industry of 3D printing businesses,” said Kabuku’s Masahiko Adachi in an email to 3Ders.  

Specifically, Kabuku highlights three benefits of their Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program that they think will benefit those who sign up to be a part of their program.

First and foremost, it is free to participate in the program so long as you have access to a 3D printer, and all profits will be generated manufacturing orders that are forwarded from Rinkak.  The platform aims to streamline the process by eliminating such hassles as quotation, order management, billing management and other overhead costs associated with business operations.  

Second, the platform is all web-based meaning that there is no complicated project management software to install.  Rinkak emphasizes that there is no need for training to use their system and users who sign up can begin to use the platform immediately...although there is no saying how many orders they currently have coming through the pipeline.  

Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason why somebody might sign up to use the platform, is that it will make use of your 3D printer’s idle time.  This means that work orders could be operated overnight when the 3D printer isn’t in use or otherwise be done when there are no other 3D printing jobs of your own currently being printed.  

Anybody who is interested in signing up to be a member of the 3D Printing Partner Program can do so by heading over to Rinkak.   



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