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Obviously, we don't need to remind women out there bras can cause some headaches. Shopping for one can be frustrating for some women, while it always remains to be seen a properly fitting one can be found. There are just so many sizes available, while everyone's needs are unique. Wrong-sized bras can, meanwhile, cause various physical discomforts and pains.

However, it did surprise us that a whopping 75 to 85 percent of women wear wrong sizes. And all those millions of women stand to benefit from a brand-new business venture called Joyfit, which launched a start-up campaign last summer. This female-led group of entrepreneurs seeks to launch an online service where women can order custom-made brass made specifically for them using 3D printing. That's right: a 3D printed bra service.

While this might seem strange at first, these customizable pieces actually seem to follow the current trend that 3D printing technology has created. Why settle for a 'one-size-fits-all' or a 'ten-sizes-fit-all', if everything can be custom made to suit your personal needs and preferences? Of course, this does make sense theoretically, but might turn some heads when applied to your underwear. We'll just have to wait and see if women can be convinced by this ambitious new application of 3D printing technology.

However, the concept behind Joyfit does seem remarkably well thought out. The venture is led by chemical engineer Quan Jin, a graduate from Columbia University with experience in start-ups. She combined forces with experts in marketing, 3D printing and web applications, to start Joyfit. Together, they seek to, as the team leader explained, aid 'ladies who want to have a more confident life with made-to-measure bras, and who want to avoid the fitting-room embarrassment and enjoy an one-stop online shopping experience.'

But is certainly ambitious, as they seek to provide everyone with a customly modified and unique bra. This is how it works: customers of Joyfit use the specifically made smartphone application to take a selfie panorama video. This, crucially, they ensure will be absolutely confidential and kept completely secure. Using this app, the customer can visualize various effects inwards-and upwards pushing effects and adjust these accordingly.

The customer's request and video will them be submitted to Joyfit via the cloud, where the data will be processed into a printable shape using specifically designed software. Finally, bra inserts are printed in silicone, though it currently remains unknown what sort of printer is used and to what extent variations are possible.

The team behind Joyfit seeks to retail their custom creations at $99.99, which will provide them with a 70% margin.

As this is still completely in the start-up phase, we will have patiently wait for results and feedback to come in. Understandably, many women might have some doubts about the exact state of their privacy if they enlist the services of Joyfit, let alone the practical possibility of a printed bra that actual works as well as promised. Despite those question marks, this is nonetheless a very intriguing project that explores new applications of 3D printing technology, and therefore definitely something to keep an eye on.




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TokyoTom wrote at 2/2/2015 1:05:25 PM:

Yup, just send me a video of your boobs...

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