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Anyone who has ever browsed through Shapeways will have become convinced that 3D printing is definitely a suitable technology for producing custom jewelry. In fact, it’s never become easier or more affordable to get your hands on a ring or a necklace that perfectly captures your style and personality. And while most people would still prefer to get a luxurious and exclusive ring, that could also be changing in the near future.

For 3D printing is now also making inroads into one of the most exclusive jewelry and design regions of the world. If anyone is looking to spend way too much on a ring, the Place Vendôme in Paris is the place to be, where you can find Dior, Chanel and countless smaller luxurious jewelers. But one of them, Jaubalet, has now developed a 3D printing process to make custom rings that is proving a big hit.

As the company revealed to euronews, their process is simple but popular. Anyone looking for a custom ring can simply walk in to discuss their ideas and make some sketches. These are then used to create an exact 3D printed wax replica, that customers can see and judge before the final ring is created out of silver or whatever other material you choose.

And reportedly, business is booming. Clients supposedly come from all over the world, even from China, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia. As one French customer told reporters, ‘I couldn’t possibly make a choice and sign a cheque simply from looking at a picture on the internet,’ client Carine Pichon says. ‘What if I buy something and it is not the size I want – what if it’s too big or too small? So I think that having something that is not the final product, but is close to it when it comes to size and shape, is important to reassure clients they’re making the right choice.’

According to Patrick Barruel, the store’s Commercial Development Director, clients love the experience of owning a unique product that is made by hand just for them. And it’s even better to have your own input in the design.

But of course, the service’s prices also play a role in this popularity. While 3D printing increases the prices of most commercial ventures, the exact opposite is the case here. In fact, a self-designed ring by Jaubalet can cost up to fifty percent less than a similar ring at a similar store. That’s largely because no rings are kept in store, but are instead made on demand. ‘We have no showroom costs, all our products are made to order, we don’t have any stock, so our prices are lower, more accessible, and we offer exceptional quality,’ says Barruel.

Could this mean that 3D printing is set to revolutionize jewelry manufacturing – and not just in terms of production, but also in design?


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Burag Murat wrote at 5/28/2015 12:05:37 PM:

Hii Dear Admin, I saw your site so I decided to write you. My name is Burag Murat I'm 27 years old . I'm from Istanbul and I'm an Armenian. I'm a goldsmith who works since his childhood in Grand Bazaar. I'm a Jewellery designer who works with computer. I'm using 3 units 3D design programs (Matrix,Rhinoceros,Macigs) untill 10 years and I can use 3D Modelling Machines . At the same time I can work at the bench in high level. And my qıestion is how can i find work in Paris ? Regards , Burag Murat..

microsetter Ruud wrote at 2/16/2015 11:43:48 PM:

If a decent SLA--printer with a high resolution will become available for €1500, the jewellery business might have a problem explaining the high cost of finishing/ manufacturing the vacuumcasted 3d prototype, since the goldmarketprice information is open to the public.

Chas wrote at 2/16/2015 7:43:15 PM:

What is the solution in the glass container on the video that the wax ring is dipped into? And just what is this process?

Micky wrote at 2/16/2015 5:00:11 AM:

Yes I have to agree, everyone here is using this technique for at least 10 to 12 years... This guys is even late and there is no point to promote it. His prices won't get cheaper because there is no stock. It's the same...

612io wrote at 2/15/2015 10:40:45 AM:

Exactly. The company I work at (Located in Antwerp, Rayjo) has been doing customised 3D-jewelry design and fabrication aided by 3D-printing for the last 14 - 15 years. We don't even have a stock anymore. Just showroom models.

George wrote at 2/14/2015 7:10:14 PM:

Where have you been for he last 15 years? some where in a remote jungle. Jewellers have been doing this for the past 15 years

George wrote at 2/14/2015 7:09:00 PM:

Where have you been for he last 15 years? some where in a remote jungle. Jewellers have been doing this for the past 15 years

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