Feb. 17, 2015

Now you can 3D print in 18K Gold with i.materialise. In addition to their existing 14K option, the 3D printing service company is now offering to print in three colors (yellow gold, red gold, and white gold) in both 14K and 18K gold.

Materialise says that there is a slight color difference between 14K and 18K and it is caused by the amount of gold that is used. "14K gold contains 58.5% pure gold whereas 18K gold contains 75%. Because of this, you will also notice that an 18K gold item will be heavier than the same item in 14K gold." says the company.

The examples below show the color difference between printed 14K and 18K gold objects:

Yellow Gold (14K and 18K) now ships in 10–13 business days.

Red Gold (14K and 18K) now ships in 12–15 business days.

White Gold (14K and 18K) now ships in 10–13 business days.

The good news is, the design specifications for 14K and 18K are exactly the same - wall thicknesses of 0.5 mm, minimum details of 0.3 mm, and maximum size of 88 x 63 x 125 mm - because the technology used for printing in 14K and 18K is the same.

First, a wax cast of your item is 3D printed and then covered in a fine plaster. Once the plaster solidifies, it is placed in an oven to burn out the wax. The gold is then poured into the empty cast to create the final gold item. At last, the item is polished and finished manually.

Wax 3D printing - a type of stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin - and lost wax casting are used to build your design when using this material. Support structures are automatically generated and can be printed along with the model . They can be removed manually after the printing process is complete. Once the support structures are removed and your model is cleaned, it can be prepared for casting.

14k or 18k is solid gold mixed with alloy metals to harden and make it cost-effective. It is mostly used for high quality jewelry. With help of 3D printing designers can now create more complex and custom pieces in gold for their customers.

i.materialise has announced that the company is offering faster production times for 3D printng in gold. Their gold prints now ships in 10-15 business days.




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Alex Lane wrote at 10/15/2015 2:51:40 PM:

This is amazing. I had never heard of injection molding, but I think it is what I need for my next project. I am amazed by the detail. Is this a commonly offered service? I can't wait to have a few things made.

Deanna R. Jones wrote at 8/20/2015 9:29:42 PM:

Thanks for the information! It's really interesting that it's possible to create small and detailed objects by turning a 3D printer into an injection molding machine. It makes sense to use that kind of technology to make things that have more detail since injection molding uses more force than 3D printers. How long have manufactures been using 3D technology as injection molding machines? It would be interesting to see where this technology will take us now that 3D printers turned injection molders can create smaller things with more detail. http://www.qualicase.com/INJECTION/

3Draske wrote at 2/17/2015 3:15:14 PM:

That is a cool idea :)

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