Mar. 11, 2015

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Lumi Industries has just launched a new free and useful tool to support communication with blind people and their interaction with the world around them: a text to braille converter.

This initiative is part of a collaboration between Lumi Industries and Libralylyna, a US-based project aiming to host the largest collection of high quality educational 3D models that can be used to educate the blind and visually impaired.

Lumi Industries is now supporting Libralylyna project with the new Lumipocket model, the first portable light-curing resin based 3D printer, allowing users to 3D print all models with extreme precision.

The new software is freely downloadable from their website here. It's extremely easy to use; you just need to start the program and write the text you want to translate into Braille. The software will ensure that your written text is converted into Braille, by creating a 3D model into a file with a .stl extension.

The produced file is of course ready to be 3D printed and it will look like a tag with bas-relief Braille symbols. With this program, you can build entire three-dimensional pages and potentially even create an entire book! The generated models can be printed on any 3D printer, though some machines might not function on the required precision levels. If that happens to be the case, simply increase the model size.

Lumi Industries' Text to Braille converter software aims to support communication with blind and visually people without need to learn braille language. This makes it a great tool that can be used by teachers and tutors to improve education for blind and visually impaired children.


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