Mar. 11, 2015

New Orleans-based Scandy has just launched a personalized scan-to-print service, aiming to make 3D scanning and printing readily available to the general public.

Anyone can take a scan using a phone, tablet or hand-held scanner and upload it to Scandy's system, where enhancements to the scan are automatically made. Next, users receive an improved scan for sharing on social networks, and the final product is shipped to their door for as low as $20.

"Scandy's solution removes the need for 3D modeling software or experience, and puts custom 3D prints in the hands of everyone, from artists and photographers to teachers and parents," said Cole Wiley, cofounder of Scandy.

Scandy also acts as a social network and repository for all scans submitted to the system. Users can like, share, and order prints of any scans that are marked public within the Scandy network.

"Scandy is bringing something new to the general public that will greatly impact many industries over the next few years," said customer and fashion designer Frances Guevara at Scandy's parent company EntreScan. "With rapidly advancing technology, 3D scanning and printing has become integral in the evolution of the fashion industry, and allows more flexibility and creativity for designers. It's easy for me to see that the practical applications of 3D printing will be limitless in the near future."

Founded by Cole Wiley and Charles Carriere, Scandy is a new division of EntreScan, a 3D scanning, printing and parts-on-demand company. Charles has decade-long interest in 3D printing technology and Cole has a software engineering and art-related 3D modeling background. Their combined experience and shared enthusiasm led to the founding of EntreScan and the creation of Scandy.

"We are looking forward to witnessing the many ways customers will utilize this technology, whether that means printing a 3D model of their son's winning T-ball team, a bride in her wedding dress or a newborn grasping mom's finger," said Trey Richoux, chief operating officer of EntreScan.

To upload, share, and print any 3D scans, visit the Scandy website here.


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Craig wrote at 3/11/2015 1:37:07 PM:

I met these guys in New Orleans at the Maker Faire. Two thumbs up!!! - Acadian Robotics

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