Mar. 16, 2015 | By Simon

While there are plenty of 3D printing enthusiasts who have had no problem teaching themselves the basics of 3D modeling for creating any number of 3D printed objects, those who have paired their formal 3D CAD education with personal projects have delivered some of the best 3D printing projects we've seen - unsurprisingly.

Among them, mechanical design engineer Daniel Lilygreen from Wales - a SolidWorks user who works in the steel industry - likes to combine his love for gaming with his 3D modeling skills to create some unbelievably well-done action figure designs.

Recently, Lilygreen was inspired by the game Titanfall and decided to recreate the Atlas mech character from the game as a Build-it-Yourself action figure so that anybody could have a titan of their own.

His goal was to print the titan to the scale of the Collector's Edition - which is approximately 18" tall - and can be scaled down to whichever print size somebody may need to be able to fit the figure onto their print bed for 3D printing.

Due to the highly-detailed surfacing that has been done within the game, Lilygreen is quick to admit that for an avid gamer, they may be able to tell that the geometry may not be exactly the same as in the game but most of the details have been preserved.

Regardless if you're a gamer or not, the detail and design considerations that Lilygreen put into the figure are nothing short of amazing.

The pictures taken were posted by a guy on Thingiverse who uses a Hadron OrdBot to print all the models and it took about 100 hours to print them out. To make fitting the pieces together easier - which consist of ball joints and sockets - Lilygreen made the majority of the balls and sockets removable to that if the fit isn't quite right or if an error occurs while printing, a user would only need to print a single part again rather than the entire assembly.

Frankly, this is among one of the better 3D printed action figures we've seen and our hats are off to Lilygreen for all of his efforts.



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