Mar. 23, 2015

taulman3D, developer of desktop 3D printing materials, has unveiled today a new material called Alloy 910.

Alloy 910 has a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons, a shrinkage factor that rivals our t-glase, a vast range of chemical resistance, and a 95° C working range." announces taulman3D in a press release.

"Drop Test Ready" Electronics Enclosures.

The major feature of the new material is strength, measured at 8,100PSI, Taulman3D told us. "This is done without adding any modifiers such as carbon nano-tubes, carbon fiber or fillers of any kind, making it a pure polymer able to be printed at any nozzle size." At the same time, it allows you to print at temperatures of 245° C.

In addition to industrial and utility usage, the specific product range for Alloy 910 will be in both small and large component Robotics. "With a combination of a supper low friction surface and a high tensile strength, Alloy 910 will provide the capability to design more powerful articulation systems in a smaller assembly," said Tom Martzall, the founder of taulman 3D.

Electronic Cover Plates and one-of-a-kind parts.


Alloy 910 3D printer material specifications:

  • Tensile Strength = 8,100PSI +
  • Modulus PSI = 72,932
  • Max Elongation at break = 31%
  • Print Temperature = 245C
  • Nozzle size = Any - There are no particulates or additives in Alloy 910
  • Tg = 90° C
  • Print Bed - Cold = BuildTak with coat of PVA; Hot = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA
    (PVA is 50% water and 50% "Elmers Glue All")
  • Shrinkage = 0.0031 in/in
  • Transmission = 50%
  • Color = Subtle Amber - May be dyed with acid based dyes.

taulman Alloy 910 is available in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm round.

Industrial Alignment bars, Positioning components, Spacers and supports.


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Techno wrote at 3/23/2015 9:15:41 PM:

Nice material. Sadly they think the whole work uses imperial values. Please add metric too for the rest of the world please.

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