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Starting a 3D printing business isn’t easy. Just think about all the time, energy and money that needs to be invested in your services before you even have a single customer. And as plenty of start-ups don't make it to the big leagues, it can be quite a risky venture. Fortunately, Mike Moceri of Detroit-based 3D printing provider Manulith has just released an operating system that could make your start-up life a bit easier.

It’s called MakerOS, and its sole intention is to take a lot of work out of your hands, specifically where web stores, client interaction and payments are involved. This white-label software is free to download and provides businesses with a dashboard directly on your own website that opens the lines of communication with your clients without investing thousands. It features all the necessary tools for streamlining and managing your quoting process, projects, clients and payments. MakerOS even has a customizable 3D component viewer, customer chat options, cloud storage and custom invoicing options. The costs are transaction-based, rather than a lump sum up front, but that just makes it ideal for fledging companies.

Founder Mike Moceri created it after experiencing the difficulties of start-up life first hand. In recent years he has had quite some success in the Chicago area with his 3D printing retail and service bureau 3DPX, though he started anew in Detroit a year ago. His new start-up Manulith is a classic 3D printing business, though catering to other startups through MakerOS as well.

Developer Mike Moceri.

As he explained, MakerOS effectively eliminates all the efficient business practices that haunts the first years of start-up. "MakerOS is the most accessible business management platform for people and businesses who make things, it sets the standard for the future of manufacturing processes," he says. “With our platform, we made a stellar cloud based business management tool, made it incredibly easy to use, and made it absurdly affordable. [ In current setups] the typical process for a 3D printing service provider to get paid and actually carry out an order can take weeks, [but] MakerOS can reduce that pipeline down to a day or minutes while significantly lowering operating costs."

Press announcement for MakerOS.

In short, MakerOS could be just what you need for your own 3D printing start-up. In the coming months a public beta is set to launch, so keep an eye on the MakerOS website for more details. 



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name wrote at 4/12/2015 5:19:07 AM:

@CornGolem OS as in a business operating system: A system in which makers can operate their business + software. Double entendre...

CornGolem wrote at 3/25/2015 10:40:59 AM:

It's not an OS... cut the crap

Dee wrote at 3/25/2015 3:54:42 AM:

"As he explained, MakerOS effectively eliminates all the efficient business practices that haunts the first years of start-up. " Did you mean 'Inefficient'?

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