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Although it seems like a new 3D printer comes out on a seemingly weekly basis, the good news for consumers is that the competition has gotten tighter and prices have been coming down drastically for technologies that cost thousands of dollars more just a few years ago - particularly with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers.

While some might argue that the user experience included with larger brands such as MakerBot - including apps, video feeds, filaments and other accessories - others are just fine with a simplified 3D printing experience that offers little more than just a basic 3D printer.  

One of the more promising 3D printers to hit the market in recent memory comes from China-based Geeetech.  Since being established in 2011, the company has been devoted to developing open source hardware and making their products both easy to use and economical for a wide variety of users.

The company just released the sixth generation of their Me Ducer 3D printer designed for home, office, lab and classroom use.  Additionally, the portable cantilever design features handles for making it easy to transport between any one of those places.

Compared to its predecessors, the extruder of the latest Me Ducer is no longer exposed, but rather, the company added a hood crafted out of high-quality steel to protect it.  Also built-in to the case is the main control system.  With this new level of protection, not only is the printer protected while operating but it also protects pets and young children from burning themselves on the hot extruder.  

To increase the stability of the cantilever-type design, the printer adopts a 12mm-diameter superior hardness, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and carbon steel bearings for the Y and Z axis.  In doing so, this helps keep the printer stable and further avoids anything that could disrupt the printing process.  Additionally, the company has included a manually adjusting knob for users to fine-tune the Z-axis to the specifications.  In staying true to their existing product lineup, the Me Ducer includes an 8mm high-gloss piano black finished acrylic chassis for both aesthetics as well as strength and durability.    

Additional features of the Me Ducer include:

  • No assembly required, plug-and-play.
  • Make high-resolution printing objects.
  • Brand new look. Suitable for home, office, lab, or classroom.
  • 8mm -thickness gloss piano black acrylic chasis for strength and durability.
  • 12mm-diameter steel bearings for more accurate positioning.
  • In- built control system, extending service life.
  • Compatible with Mac/Linux/Windows.
  • With LCD control panel, support off-line printing.
  • SD Card Reader support
  • With Heatbed, both PLA and ABS are printable
  • Compact and portable, easy to be carried

For just $498 USD, it’s hard to argue that Geeetech might have a winner on their hands for those looking for a stripped-down but aesthetically-pleasing and fully-functional FDM-style 3D printer.  

The printer is available for purchase by going here.  



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