Apr. 5, 2015 | By Simon

Ever since Apple announced their Apple Watch in late 2014, the already-booming industry of wrist-worn smart devices exploded even further and has been showing no signs of slowing down.  In the last month alone, Apple’s announcement of their Apple Watch pricing and features at their Spring Forward event - paired with the recent record-breaking Kickstarter success from Pebble Technologies’ new Pebble Time smartwatch have helped propel interest in smartwatches to new levels.  

Now, maker Alex Maund has created a 3D printed conversion kit for turning your smartwatch (or other 20mm, 21mm or 22mm watch band size watches) into a retro-style pocket watch, which was initially inspired by Maund’s own personal desire to create a pocket watch from the Pebble Time smartwatch.  

“The new cutting edge Pebble Time smartwatch meets retro in a collision of AWESOMENESS!” writes Maund on his project page over on MyMiniFactory.  

“It makes sense that the most modern watch should meet the modern world of 3d printing to create cool custom stylish accessories such as watch straps for this watch however 3D printed watch straps are nothing new so I decided to think outside the box and instead of thinking of something new, I thought of something old; I took a step back in time to make something unique yet familiar for this watch and what I have designed is a unique accessory to convert your new modern Pebble Time smartwatch into an old fashioned retro pocket watch with a modern twist (it's 3D printed!).”

The design of the conversion kit consists of a 3D printed chain that is capable of bending in any direction thanks to alternating pivot directions that were considered in the design of each link in the chain.  Because of this, the chain is capable of a full range of movement regardless of how it is used. Additionally, the 3D printable file is setup so that users can print the file as an entire assembly rather than in individual links - essentially enabling a user to print the file with no other assembly needed other than attaching it to an existing Pebble Time or other watch that meets the size requirements.  

"The chain was printed on a makerbot replicator 2 at 0.2mm layer height with no support or raft." Maund told us. In total, the design is printed in two separate parts: the main chain and a small spring that is inserted into the buckle end of the chain’s watch attachment so that the spring-loaded quick release system can work.  The small-sized print takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and uses a mere 4g of 3D printing material.

Similar to existing pocket watch designs, the opposite end of the chain includes a clip that allows users to clip the watch onto their jacket pocket, pants, shirt or other article of clothing that they choose to wear the watch with.  

So whether you’re one of the few who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Apple Watch or have already preordered a Pebble Time during its Kickstarter campaign, consider carrying this eccentric piece of retro 3D printed style around with you for a touch of modern class.  



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