Apr. 6, 2015 | By Alec

If you happen to run your own business or start-up, you’ll have found out that business cards are a must-have. Whether you’re meeting new clients, at conventions, or talking about your company with old friends, it’s always handy to have this old-fashioned business tool with you. Best of all are business cards that reflect your product – so if you’re a writer don’t choose a terrible font and if you’re a designer don’t copy some horrible image from Google.

However, as technology and design are advancing on a daily basis, its only logical that traditional business cards reflect that. That’s exactly why the Barcelona-based Zoomcity Barcelona, a blog about contemporary architecture, art and design in that city has decided to 3D print their business cards. And to ensure that their image as a stylish company from Barcelona, their business cards feature a raised map of that city. This map not only shows off the location of their office, but also reveals some of the most culturally significant neighbourhoods of the city: Ciutat Vella, Gràcia and l’Eixample.

The whole set of four cards is needed to create that image, but that doesn’t diminish the spectacular nature of these business cards. These unique cards were 3D printed in ABS plastic by local digital production company Studioclam.

This cool set exactly captures the strength of business cards – to show off your style and your product in one small free sample. It's the perfect way to stand out in the market where digital businesses are popping out of the ground everywhere. A little bit of investment can go a long way. Need proof that it really works to spread awareness? We are reporting on it. 



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