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When it comes to cooking perfectly by the recipe, it can be hard to know what vague instructions such as “cook at medium-high heat for 10-15 minutes until golden brown and tender” can mean when so many different variables are at play.  Among others, this can mean electric versus gas stovetops, cooking equipment materials, ingredient properties and other details that are easy to get lost in the mix.  Of course, having the actual chef of a recipe cook it for you isn’t a logical (and in most cases, affordable) option for most people - or is it?

“We knew we needed a way to consistently determine the exact temperature along with the ability to quickly make adjustments to the burner,” said a product development team who wanted to make the experience easier.   “We wanted technology to eliminate the guesswork so the cook could focus on the art.”

The team, who have just released the product in the form of the Meld Knob + Clip, just might have changed cooking forever with their app-enabled cooking experience.


Founded by tech industry veterans from companies including Pinterest, RichRelevance and Amazon, the Meld - which just launched on Kickstarter few days ago and has already raised more than double its $50,000 fundraising goal - aims to help users create perfectly-cooked food regardless of any unknown variables including vague instructions and unpredictable stovetop temperatures.

The Meld system, which includes the stove knob and pot clip as hardware and the app as a control interface, works with existing ovens and stovetops and effectively controls the rate of heat using a real-time connection between the heat-sensing pot clip, the smart adjustable stove knob and the recipe that was chosen from within the Meld app.  

Of course, just like most great hardware startup stories these days, the development of the product can be linked back to an extensive use of 3D printing in an effort to develop the best possible design solution.  To do that, the team relied on a pair of Ultimaker 3D printers to develop the best possible design direction for what is already shaping up to be a Kickstarter success story.  

“Our goal was to make a product that is simple, where the technology gets out of your way and allows you to cook like a chef with years of experience,” said the Meld team on their Kickstarter page.   “You won’t find flashing lights or buttons on our products – they just work.”

“(It) just work(s)”...thanks to the extensive development that went into the product over the past year after company co-founders (and Amazon veterans) Darren Vengroff and Jon Jenkins decided that they wanted to launch a hardware startup together.    

Previously, Vengroff - an experienced chef - had built an award-winning Sous Vide cooking app, however it was limited to only those who had the Sous Vide equipment.

“Sous Vide is something not everyone is going to do,” said Vengroff. “The question was, can we actually do something to bring that level of precision to the stovetop and to cooking techniques that normal people use everyday?”

Currently, the Meld knob and clip system is retailing for $149 but is being sold for a limited time on Kickstarter for just $129.  With 27 days left to go in their campaign, it’s likely that the team has a hit on their hands and they are planning on shipping the product as early as October of this year - meaning that you’ll get it in time for the 2015 holidays if you’re one of the few who prefer to purchase their gifts early.    

To find out more, head over to the Meld Kickstarter page.  



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