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When it comes to additive manufacturing, the options for getting an object made have never been as vast as they are today.  Between variables including cost, quality, resolution and speed, there’s a 3D printer (or 3D printing service) out there for seemingly everybody regardless of what the task at hand.  However despite the increase in options over the years, some 3D printing methods are still only limited to larger industrial-sized machines that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars - and despite their popularity - haven’t been able to come down in price or convenience as soon as some might have hoped.  Among them is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, a process in which a laser melts a powder material such as plastic or metal layer-by-layer to produce a three-dimensional object.  

Up until now, for most people, getting an object printed via SLS 3D printing meant either working for a company that used an SLS 3D printer already or resorting to a third-party 3D printing service such as Shapeways.  Now, a new company that was founded by three ex-Google employees wants to bring the technology to small and medium-sized businesses for less than the price of two MakerBot Replicator II’s.  

The company, Sinterit, was founded by Konrad Glowacki, Mike Grymala-Moszczynski and Paul Szczurek who wanted to create an affordable desktop SLS 3D printer that didn’t sacrifice on the quality that SLS 3D prints are known for.  They first announced that they were working on the low-cost SLS 3D printer back in November but have since kept mum during their final stages of development:  

“Currently, the cheapest SLS printer on the market costs more than 180,000 USD. Our goal is to make advanced 3D printing technology more accessible,” said the company back in November.   

“By saying that, we mean, that our product will cost 5000 USD with no compromises in printing quality.”

Now, less than a year after initially unveiling their plans, the company has announced plans to release the printer in 2015 for - as they previously stated - $5,000.

“The last few months, although silent have certainly not been idle,” said the Sinterit team in their official press release.  

“We have been working on re-designing parts of our printer, removing any malfunctions and introducing new functions that have turned out to be key to our specific process of printing. What is more - our printer now comes in a beautifully designed casing.”

The final iteration of the company’s first-generation SLS 3D printer will be able to print in a variety of materials including polymide 12 as well as polymide 12 mixtures such as those containing carbon fiber, fiberglass and aluminum.  Each printer will be equipped with a heated multi-zone print bed, a heated feed bed and a heated cylinder to ensure that prints are made to standard.   

Additional details of the printer include:

  • Max Build Envelope: 130mm x 170mm x 130mm
  • Scan Speed: 500mm/s
  • Laser Power: 5W
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Material Cost: Approximately $100/kg

The Sinterit team will be starting an international conference tour to show off their new 3D printer before gearing down for the final stage of production and distribution later this year.  Among other appearances, the team will be attending the Pokaz 3D show in Warsaw, Poland between April 24-26 and the IDTechEx Show in Berlin, Germany on April 28-29 before heading over to the USA for the Collision Conference in Las Vegas on May 5th and 6th.  

To find out more about the team and to stay updated on the release of their 3D printing, be sure to head over to Sinterit.  


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me wrote at 1/30/2017 4:19:36 AM:

except its a $14000 printer not $5000

Sinteros wrote at 4/24/2015 8:45:12 AM:

So, it's basically the same as the Sintratec printer, but a little big bigger build space, more powerful laser, and a little bit more expensive than the preorders for the sintratec machine. Well, looking forward to the end of 2015, when we actually know if these machines work, and if they are really worth it. I could see our company buy one if they deliver on the promises.

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