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We men can hardly comprehend most of it, but being pregnant is a very special and emotional time in a woman’s life. It is filled with memorable and important moments, like seeing an ultrasound image of your baby for the first time. But what if you’re blind? It means a lot of those special moments, like seeing your child for the first time and becoming convinced he or she is doing well, are lost on you. That’s exactly why it was so very heartwarming to see a clip by Huggies Brazil, in which a blind expecting mother was given a 3D printed sculpture of her ultrasound to touch and experience.

The clip itself can be seen below. It features the 30 year old expecting mother Tatiana Guerra and her unborn son Murilo. Tatiana, who lost her sight when she was 17, is obviously just bursting with excitement and anticipation about the upcoming birth of her son. In the video, Tatiana talks extensively with her doctor about her expectations and about how her boy Murilo might look like. And from the accompanying piano music and images of teddy bears, it’s obvious that this is something she often thinks about.

In another room, however, a 3D printer is whizzing away. And just fifteen minutes after the ultrasound, Tatiana is presented with a 3D printed model of little Murilo, with the words ‘I am your son’ printed over it in braille. The tearful mother-to-be can now also touch and experience the little boy’s face and features, enabling her to dream as all those millions of other mothers out there.

This heartwarming clip was made by Venezuelan advertising agency Mood for the Brazilian branch of diaper giants Huggies. One huggies director told reporters that: ‘As a brand, Huggies considers each moment of this new phase in the lives of many women—the maternal role. Huggies believes that such protective embrace and bond help babies grow up happy’.  3D printing itself was done by 3D printing service provider The Goodfellas.

While obviously an advertising campaign, it is just wonderful to see that 3D printing has actually become an advertising tool. But most importantly, Tatiana was over the moon with this opportunity. ‘When I put my hand on my stomach and feel his little head on the other side, his little hands moving, it’s as though we have superpowers and nothing could hurt us,’ she said.



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Bruno Brasileiro wrote at 5/7/2015 5:10:11 AM:

CORRECTION: The idea and project is from BRAZILIAN agency Mood, which is part of the TBWA Group.

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