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While many new desktop 3D printers promise to bring industrial 3D printing qualities to our desktops, most hardly do. However, we were impressed by a Korean machine unveiled in November 2014, the 3DISON PRO AEP, which actually seemed to do just that. Developed by 3D printer manufacturers ROKIT, this powerful machine became the first desktop 3D printer capable of printing high strength and heat resistant engineering plastic.

This ability was hitherto reserved for a number of industrial level 3D printers only, so the interesting 3DISON created quite a stir in the 3D printing world. Together with its PEI ULTEM 9085 filament, a high-strength engineering plastic developed together with SABIC, the 3DISON is capable of creating objects with even a higher tensile strength than that of aluminum or concrete.

We, in short, already knew that ROKIT makes some very potent machines, but now they has completed a number of very cool projects that proves that this is ‘a powerful printer and an easy tool to make every type of 3D modeling imaginable a reality.’ they tell us. While they have made a number of interesting pieces with their 3D printer, perhaps the most eye-catching is the Iron Man suit you can see above. ‘This full size Ironman was made by one Korean professor using 3D printer. Some people question whether a desktop 3D printer really can print it, but it was really made using a 3D printer; just some parts needed post processing, such as grinding and coloring afterwards,’ the ROKIT press team explain.

The professor in question was Park Jong Sam from the Department of Industrial Design at the KEIMYUNG College University, who is a huge Iron Man fanatic. Design and Manufacturing took approximately 10 months, for which he relied on 3D Max Software. About 80% of the suit is made with a 3D printer in ABS plastic, while the Thighs are made from formax arcryl to ensure its wearable.

But that isn’t all, as ROKIT’s 3D printing technology was also used to 3D print an amazing remote controlled tank that can drive around and even features a separately moving tank barrel. You can check out the movement of the tank in the clip below. Designed by the CEO of design company World of Space, Park Jong Jae, it took four months to make and consists of a mind-blowing 2000 3D printed components (in PLA). In fact, every part of this amazing tank is 3D printed, except for the electronics and motor.

According to the Tank’s designer, ROKIT’s 3D printing technology is perfect for these types of projects. ‘I could make it good enough using ROKIT’s simplest desktop 3D printer. I expect I can share the design & software business that I was dreaming of with ROKIT,’ he says. Perhaps most impressive, is that this tank can be controlled through a smartphone app. Designer Park is currently considering marketing this very cool 3D printed contraption.

And then finally, there’s the equally impressive 3D printed drone, also made with ROKIT’s 3D printing technology by the CEO of design company Vision Line, Maeng Mu Young. Consisting of twenty separate ABS pieces, it was completed in just a month. As you can see in the clip below, it can do anything a regular drone can.

These three projects clearly show off what ROKIT’s impressive 3D printing technology is capable of, and as their 3DISON PRO AEP is already available in more than 30 countries all over the world, it would hardly surprise us if they became a big success in the market. In fact, we will probably hear a lot more about ROKIT in the near future, as they are preparing to showcase their upcoming SLA 3D printer From 24th June 2015 to 26th June 2015 at the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Seoul, Korea. We will keep you informed about that machine as soon as we learn more. 

Update May 15, 2015:

Below are some extra photos of Iron Man Suit provided by professor Park Jong Sam:


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Carl wrote at 1/31/2019 4:12:54 PM:

May I ask where you get the files?

Nicolas wrote at 1/27/2019 8:53:30 PM:

I want your files!!! :O

joshua dixon wrote at 8/18/2016 6:28:38 AM:

How much did it cost to make?

cc wrote at 11/1/2015 4:01:08 PM:

Are you sure all 3D print out?

Mooney wrote at 5/15/2015 2:14:02 PM:

I really hope that he posts the story files for this ironman suit! That would be amazing as it looks incredible!

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