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3D printing enthusiasts in California will be undoubtedly looking for to next week, when the RAPID 2015 Conference & Exposition (May 18 - 21) will kick off in Long Beach, California. One of the most important events on the 3D printing calendar every year, it is an excellent place to catch up with the latest trends and achievements in the world of additive manufacturing. Well, we can already confirm the unveiling of at least one very exciting 3D printer, as the 3D printing masterminds behind German RepRap GmbH have announced that they will unveil their upcoming X350 3D printer to the public at the fair in Long Beach.

German RepRap, of course, is a specialist in desktop FDM 3D printers for consumers and professional users. Located near Munich, they are constantly releasing exciting new German-quality since 2010. And the upcoming X350 3D printer will doubtlessly get a lot of attention in the professional market as well, as its specifications suggest that this will be another high quality printer for 3D printing startups.

A solid metal frame with a very tidy design.

But as the company explains, the machine’s most eye-catching quality is definitely its print space. ‘There is no 3D printer available with a more optimized print space compared to its size. The rectangular build platform allows better utilization of the print area since most print models don’t have a square foot print,’ they write. The 3-point mounted print bed will also make calibration faster and easier than ever, reducing setup times to just a few minutes.

Check out the closed frame.

But its other features are all equally suitable for professional-level FDM 3D printing, including an integrated web interface and an all-in-one software called Simplify 3D (complete with pre-defined printing profiles) to make 3D printing easier than ever.

The new DD3 extruder technology with full metal hotend (D3D) and print-improving extruder fan.

While some of these specifications were already unveiled at the end of last month, German RepRap further told that the X350 will also automatically feed filament into the hot end to remove the hassle of threading the filament or reaching into the printing area itself. The brand new DD3 extruder around which all of this revolves will also be very easy to change, will require no more calibration and will even allow variable contact pressure for soft filaments. Combine that with a precision level of 20 microns, a heated print bed and dual fans, this is just shaping up to be an excellent machine.

Technical details:

Print volume

350 x 200 x 210 mm / 13.8 x 7.9 x 8.3 inches

Layer thickness

minimum 0.2 mm

Print speed

10 – 150 mm/s

Travel speed

10 – 300 mm/s

Print bed

3 Point, heated


PLA, ABS, PS, PVA, PP, Laybrick, Laywood, etc.

Outer dimensions / weight

600 x 444 x 517 mm / 23,6 x 17,5 x 20,4 inches/ 28 kg

The Z-axis.

As the managing director Thomas Liratsch from German RepRap explains, it has been completely aimed at professional users: ‘The X350 closes the gap between the NEO and the X400. It offers the best usage of the print area due to the rectangular print bed,’ he says. These differences between the three competing German RepRap models can be easily seen in their specifications below:



X400 PRO

Build volume  (mm)

150 x 150 x 150

350 x 200 x 210

400 x 400 x 350

Layer thickness (mm)




Printing Bed Technology

4 Point not heated

3 Point heated

4 Point heated

Nozzle Size Standard


0.3 and 0.5

Extruder Technology




Dual Extruders


optional (coming soon)




PLA, ABS, PVA; PS, Nylon, etc.

PLA, ABS, PVA; PS, Nylon, etc.

Printer dimensions (mm)

330 x 330 x 330

600 x 444 x 517

700 x 770 x 700

Weight (kg)




Price (including VAT) Euro


2499 (valid until June 30, 2015)


Of course, that is reflected in the price (featuring an introductory price of 2499.00 Euro incl. VAT for early birds before 30 June), but it definitely seems as though you’ll get your money’s worth. Interested? Be sure to check out the German RepRap stand at the Rapid Fair next week, at booth number 954.



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Max wrote at 11/5/2017 9:46:50 PM:

Heavy machine so you'll feel it will be sturdy and reliable, but after i bought suffering begin all the time with leveling the build plate, and have z/axis ribble with no solution, useless customer support.

Marc wrote at 8/21/2015 12:49:58 PM:

The official distributor in Germany is MB CAD GmbH: Best regards, Marc

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