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‘Yours is bigger than mine!’ It’s an unavoidable and common sound heard around ice cream vendors. Children are especially prone to jealously looking at what their siblings are getting, and even as adults, you sometimes just can’t avoid it. It happened to Chen Liyuan and his wife at an ice cream vendor at a supermarket, and they almost got into a fight because of it. To save other couples and families with children from similar dilemmas, he turned to 3D printing technology.

A big hit among students, as you can imagine.

Fortunately, Chen Liyuan is also Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Management of Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and regularly works with 3D printers. He set out to hack a 3D printer and a soft serve ice cream machine to ensure that it produced consistent and fair cones of ice cream every time. Together with his students, Chen Liyuan was successful. Last week, during a seminar organized by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education on achievements in applicable scientific research and development at vocational schools, Chen Liyuan and four of his students unveiled their ‘3D Ice Cream Machine’ for the first time.

As can be seen in the clip above, this 3D Ice Cream Machine doesn’t suffer from the problems of manual ice cream pressing. It is capable of producing consistent, beautiful soft serve ice creams any time, while there is even a large variety of design options. Ice creams can now be made square, round, triangular or even a 10 cm tall replica of the 101 Taipei Tower, a landmark in Taiwan’s capital. A large variety of ice cream ingredients can also be used by this interesting 3D Ice Cream Machine. Not only should it satisfy children everywhere, this particular 3D food printer can thus also be a very nice addition to restaurants.

Unveiling of the 3D Ice Cream Printer

Chen Liyuan is therefore unsurprisingly seeking to bring his creation to the market. He has recently applied for a Taiwan patent, and is currently on the lookout for retailers willing to bring this intriguing machine to the market. The expected retail price is around 150,000 Taiwan Dollars (or around $5,000 USD). Now if it can also automatically add sprinkles, nothing is holding this machine back.


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Make Mine a Double wrote at 5/18/2015 12:40:00 PM:

It's a Chunky Monkey machine. 8-)

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