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Of all of the additive manufacturing technologies that have been making a splash in recent memory, digital light processing (DLP) is among those that are seeing a more substantial amount of time in the limelight.  One example of this is with the recent success of the MoonRay 3D printer on Kickstarter; while the project creators set a campaign goal of $100,000, the creators have already raised over $320,000 with nearly three weeks left in their campaign.   

The technology - which is similar to stereolithography - uses photopolymers that are cured by a light source and is capable of producing highly-accurate parts with excellent resolution without the need for large, industrial-scale sized machines.  Now, a DLP 3D printer that was first presented as a concept two years ago has spent the last year in development and has now hit the market.    

The Do3D high definition 3D printer, which was created by industrial designers Tamás Liszkai and Bartos Márton, was first introduced as a prototype in early 2013.  Through the release of their new Do3D DLP 3D printer, the pair are aiming to bring high precision additive manufacturing technology to within reach of small to medium-sized businesses and ultimately, extend the the areas of applications by introducing custom blends of materials for the printer.  

The Budapest, Hungary-based company’s G1 DLP System is the first of a product lineup that will include up to 20 micron resolution with a build volume of 100 mm X 80 mm X 150 mm.

Designed to create parts fast and easily with outstanding details, the plug-n-play G1 DLP System is capable of being setup in minutes and is a practical size for most small and medium sized business operations.  Additionally, the inclusion of multiple material types for the multiple types of users who use their platform certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

“The Do3D high-definition 3D printers are designed to accommodate a variety of photoactive resins,” says the company.

“The print material can vary widely depending on the desired mechanical properties of the prints, from industrial toughness to elastic or even formulations suitable for investment casting.”

At this time, the company is developing three different types of resins for the machine for different applications.  These include an “All Around” general purpose, fast-curing resin that comes in red, a “Top Notch”  grey resin that prints with high precision and is harder than other materials once cured and finally, an “Ash Free” material that will be optimal for investment casting purposes such as jewelry design.     

While no price has been announced at this time, you can stay updated over at the Do3D website.  



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